Work, Running and Life…How Does it All Fit In?!

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With only 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week, how on earth do you begin to fit everything in without stressing out? A good life balance is essential, not just to keep you sane, but to ensure your running regime is as effective and enjoyable as possible.

Every runner has been there, feeling as though they are running for running’s sake. It’s horrible when every mile feels like a marathon in itself, and that’s after ignoring the little voice in your head telling you to stay in bed for an extra hour as you get your trainers on. You also know that as soon as you get back you have to get ready and leave for work, and then you have a busy evening.

It is the stuff of nightmares, but something that every runner will easily be able to relate to. How do you fit in all of the above while also allowing time for you just to sit back and chill?


Are you the runner that looks to ‘fit in’ a run when possible? Stop doing that, it’s not the way forward.

Think about how many times a week you run and schedule your runs at the start of every week. If you know when you will be running, you can fit everything else in around your runs, which you are already fitting in around work and other events. See how this is already getting easier?

Don’t Stress About Missing a Session

What do you do when you miss a run? Stress out and immediately look to cram in a run before you next run? Get worked up because you are behind on that training plan you follow?

Again, stop doing it. If you miss a run, you miss a run. So what? It happens; just make sure you hit your next run. The worst thing you can do is to veer away from your plan and cram in a run where there shouldn’t be one, especially if doing so does not allow you to rest before your next run. This is how injuries happen.

Days All About You

Does your current schedule not include any days where you can do whatever you want? If not, then reschedule, because a healthy life balance includes days just for you. If you work Monday to Friday, make sure that either Saturday or Sunday is free in order to give you the chance to rest and recuperate.

Booking days out is beneficial to rest not only your body but your mind, too, by taking you out of your usual environment. Attending events provides ample opportunity to unwind and let your hair down. If you click here you can find an example of a venue suitable for hosting events big and small, where you can celebrate an occasion with friends and family or party for no reason other than because you want to.

Other Exercise

Do you still find running boring, even with your newly-balanced schedule? If running is the only exercise that you do, then it should be no surprise. Don’t be afraid to substitute the odd run here and there for a session in the gym, a bike ride or another spot. Variety is the spice of life and, when you enjoy exercise, it doesn’t even feel as though you are exercising.

Even the most hardened of runners can find it hard to get their trainers on and plod along for X-number of miles. Running is best complemented with a balanced fitness regime, helping to condition your body to achieve the best performance possible.

The next time that you are worried about how you are going to fit everything in, remember that missing the odd session is not the end of the world, and mapping out the week ahead will help avoid a headache. Enjoy your running but, more importantly, enjoy your life.



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