6 Reasons To Try Track Running

running on a track

Emma at BowCom takes a little look at how track running could be one of the greatest things that you could take up this year:

  1. Running Improves Your Knees

With track running, you will have a coach that will know exactly how to get the most out of each session, therefore recommending you the best stretches for your knees and legs. There is always someone that will point out how bad running is for your knees – often the older generation such as your grandparents. However, science is out to prove them wrong. A paper in Arthritis Care and Research revealed that non-runners are more likely to suffer with knee pain and knee arthritis than runners. There is a lack of links between knee arthritis, osteoarthritis and running, so next time a family member tells you not to run, just remember that they are wrong.

  1. Relay Races Can Improve Teamwork

All four members in a relay race rely on each other, which is why running a track relay with a group of other runners will give you the concept of working as part of a team. If one runner doesn’t complete the race to their best potential, then it will have to be made up elsewhere and let’s be honest, nobody wants that guilt.

  1. It Helps you Eat Healthier

If you had a track running class on a Monday evening, then the chances are you’re going to binge on running fuel rather than fizzy drinks and pizza, which will most likely make your running experience quite unpleasant. Coaches encourage runners to eat healthier throughout the week to improve performance, and this might be the encouragement needed to put down the fries and pick up the banana instead.

  1. It Improves Fitness

If you find that you’re often out of breath after a few steps, then track running should be the activity you next take up. Not only does running improve your cardio fitness but it has been proven to decrease your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Track running ensures that your unwanted fat burns off and your muscle begins to tone. Measure how far you can run on a track without the need to stop and aim to improve this distance each track session – there is nothing greater than a sense of achievement!

  1. It will make you happier

Often, runners take up running as it gives them the chance to clear their mind and to escape the stresses from work and home life. Endorphins are released while running which means that moods are instantly improved, so if you have ever heard of a runner’s high then it’s the hormones creating a sense of euphoria.  Runners tend to focus on their distance and goals rather than family and work stresses. Plus, if you set running goals then you’ll feel proud and accomplished rather than focusing your attention on worries outside of the track.

  1. Life Lessons

Track running and competitive running teaches you more than understanding distance and timing. Track running will teach you several important life skills that you’ll be able to use off track as well as on. Some of these traits include commitment, dedication and even discipline.

  1. It’s a good reason to buy new fitness gear

Here’s a bonus no.7 reason! Although you don’t need any special gear to run round a track, it’s always motivating to get new gear, so why not treat yourself? There are always bargains to be had with fitness gear on sale in the shops, or grab one of the many discount vouchers available and have a spending spree online.


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