Exercise Doesn’t Need to Stop While You’re on Holiday


Going away on holiday is an exciting part of year, whether you are trying to escape damp British winters by chasing the sun or are planning an excursion to somewhere exhilarating. Wherever the final destination, you might be worried about skipping out on your exercise schedule, especially if you have a lot of travel ahead of you. All is not lost however, here are some tips to ensure you get your heart pounding, which considering all the sitting you will be doing while travelling, your body will be thankful for some activity!

In the Airport

Most airports offer some wide, open spaces with plenty of floorspace and corners to tuck yourself into away from all the other travellers and commuters. Find yourself a bit of floor to temporarily call your own and perform some basic warm up exercises including squats, lunges and tricep dips. Once you’ve stretched out, you want to start moving; jogging on the spot isn’t too intrusive to other travellers, although you might get a few looks.

Alternatively, grab your carry-on luggage and go for a walk, you can speed up the pace, after all, most people are rushing around in the airport, so you won’t look out of place. Make sure to tackle a few flights of stairs for that extra push! Once you are called to the gate, you might be standing around for a little while before boarding, make sure to stretch your body and limbs out before squeezing yourself into the small airplane seats.

At the Hotel

If you are staying somewhere with an on-site gym and a pool, you’ve got all you need to keep to your exercise regime. However, if the facilities aren’t available, there are plenty of ways to stick to schedule. Take the stairs over the lift, unless you have luggage that would be unsafe to carry, otherwise pick it up and head to your room. From the privacy of your room you can carry out a short routine of both lower and upper body exercises with some full body exercises in between, although be aware that jumping jacks and jogging could disturb your neighbours so try and keep noise to a minimum.

An example of a condensed, holiday-friendly work-out includes: warm ups through marching, 10-20 lower body repetitions, 10-15 upper repetitions followed by a minute of jogging on the spot. Repeat the routine up to three times, although a minimum of two. Add in your own stretches, lifts and crunches as preferred and practice your routine regularly so it becomes second nature and you can perform it anywhere!

On the Beach

Sand, sea, relaxation…or beach sports! Beach sports include everything from dry land to in the water and can be a great way to work your body while also getting involved with other locals or holiday goers and having fun. Many tourist beaches will have volleyball nets, ball sport courts and facilities available to hire water sports equipment such as body-boards, surfboards and kite surfing and you’ll often find lessons are available to get you started.

There is no end to the number of sports you can play on the beach, from frisbee and football to running and even volleyball! If the place you are heading isn’t known for its beach sports, why not grab some of your own beach volleyball equipment or go carry-on friendly with an inflatable football or frisbee. Running along the coast offers a varied work-out choice with no extra equipment required, whether you run on softer, looser sand or run through the surf where the sand is slightly firmer with less give. Not only are beach sports fun but they keep you exercising and are a great way to meet new people.

In the City

Stuck in the city with no beach in sight? Don’t despair! Cities are a great way to get some exercise in as there is often so much to see! Visitors will spend hours wandering back and forth through the many winding city streets, exploring attractions and taking in a new culture and before they know it, they’ve walked tens of miles! Make sure to exercise your wallet too, load up on the holidays gifts and bargains to add some weight to your day-pack which helps your body work a little bit harder.

Take a Load Off

Of course, a holiday is a holiday, which means it’s okay to kick back and take it easy for a few days or weeks. Just make sure to gently get yourself back into a normal schedule on your return, you don’t want to do yourself any harm by launching yourself into a HIIT workout on your first day back after not exercising for two weeks. When you work hard almost every day, a holiday is a welcome release, and everyone needs an opportunity to put their feet up every now and then.

If you’re worried about harming your fitness journey or schedule with a holiday, keep in mind that burn out is a very real and damaging affliction and no one should need to hit that state. Take care of yourself and your body in general and the odd holiday here and there will always offer a welcome break. Happy holidays!


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  • Staying active and fit during the holidays has been a quite a challenge for me (in fact, for almost everyone I know). I really like the alternatives mentioned in this post. Won’t let the holidays affect my health anymore 🙂

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