Juneathon Day #22

More Juneathoning down the gym at lunchtime today. I spend the afternoon wanting to kill my boss and anyone else really and I’m thinking that although I wasn’t going to drink tonight and even left my wallet at home so I couldn’t go to the offy on the way home I’m thinking I might have to rescue my wallet and go out to the shop and I’m thinking this week has been such a pain in the arse and I don’t appreciate being spoken to by my boss like a 5 year old with a less than average intelligence even if he does always apologise and when I get home there’s an answerphone message from someone in B&Q’s legal team who says that they’ve decided to settle my claim in full and pay my court fees. YAY GO ME FUCKING RESULT OR WHAT? And then I’m happy again ūüôā

Treadmill: 15 minutes
Distance: 2.3k
Speed: 9.5kph
Rowing machine: 15 minutes
B&Qs successfully sued: 1

My new kitchen floor

When I went to the carpet shop on Monday and chose my new kitchen floor to replace the one that B&Q ripped, the man said that someone would be round today (Wednesday) pm to fit it. I took that to mean from 12 noon onwards and so I sacrificed a small shopping trip to get a new bin and new cat litter tray and bowl to put on my new kitchen floor in case I wasn’t back in time for 12 noon and only went to the cashpoint to get the floor man’s ninety English pounds and then waited in from 12 noon onwards.

I waited until 4:15pm and then phoned the shop and said someone’s supposed to be coming to fit my kitchen floor but no one’s here yet, are they still coming? The man on the phone said yes, they should be, let me see, what’s your name? I told him my name and he said yes, you are booked for pm, so they should be with you before the day’s out. I said ok then, I’ll be patient.

It got to 5:20 and I thought no workmen types work this late, no one’s coming to fit my new floor and I’ve moved the bin, litter tray and cat bowl out of the kitchen for no reason and my cat’s confused for no reason and I ring the shop again and no one answers and I think bastards, they’re as bad as B&Q and I’ve wasted a whole afternoon since 12 noon just sitting here waiting and now the day has gone and I go upstairs to play on the internet and then my mobile rings and because I think it might be the carpet shop I answer it, because I don’t usually answer my phone, and it is the floor man and he says he’s on his way and will be about 20 minutes.

He turns up at about 5:45 and I say I’d given up on you. He says sorry, I’ve had a bad day and you’ve ended up being the last.

He finishes the floor about 7pm and I go and have a look and it looks very nice and I say it looks great, thank you, it’s much better than the one before, they did a crap job. He says was it from the same people? I resist saying, duh, no, why would I pay the same people to come back and do another crap job? He asks me had the floor been down for long? I say no, but B&Q ripped it so they have to pay for a new one. He says well then you got a result, a new bit of lino and B&Q to pay for it.

I like my new floor although I’m still pissed off with B&Q for ripping the floor in my new kitchen. Although it’s not actually new, it’s about three years old but here’s what my kitchen used to look like. I lived with this for over two years. Eek.

And now my kitchen looks like this.

Which is why I didn’t appreciate B&Q coming round and ripping the floor. Grr. Will I ever be untraumatised by B&Q? I still love my new kitchen even though it’s three years old. I couldn’t give a toss about my new bathroom.


Race day

Ok, I’m up. I woke up about 7 listening to the rain going drip drip drip. Inside the house. Waa, I thought the roofer had fixed the roof? I might have still been half asleep though as I can’t see any evidence of it raining inside the house. I was considering staying in bed and not getting up at stupid o’clock on a Sunday morning to go out to run five miles round a Central London park when most of the population are sleeping off their hangovers . But I knew I’d be pissed off with myself if I didn’t go so I got up. Yay.

It’s raining though and I’m going to look like a drowned rat and I’ve got to travel back on the tube. At least I’ll probably put off anyone sitting next to me. Yay.

The start and finish line is at the bandstand in Hyde Park again. Just like at the Savitri run last year when I went the wrong way. This year I should have lots of people to follow. Unless I’m at the front. Hee hee.

I will update later. Fingers crossed I don’t get injured/go the wrong way/fall over a football. 4th time lucky?

Here’s a pic of my race number, I will post more exciting pics later.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering where the updated blog is with the new pages, etc., I spent about six hours getting stuff together to send to the B&Q arbitration people. I worked out I made approximately 53 phone calls to B&Q/their criminal fitters and took 61 phone calls. That’s a lot of phone calls for someone who doesn’t like being on the phone.

I got a letter from B&Q yesterday about the forgery. They said that it’s unclear whether the signature belongs to me but the fitters don’t work for them anymore so they feel appropriate action has been taken in this case.

What does that mean? That they sacked the fitters over the allegation but they’re not admitting anything or that because the fitters don’t work for them anymore, they’re not going to bother chasing it up any further?

And once again they apologise for any inconvenience and hope that I will continue to be a valued customer at B&Q.

B&Q bathroom installation update

B&Q sent me a letter saying we’re not going to give you any more money, we offered you enough. They also sent me a leaflet for their “independent” arbitration services but what really made me laugh was the final sentence of their letter apologising for any inconvenience and hoping that this “unfortunate experience” hasn’t put me off shopping at their stores in the future. Um, no, of course not, not at all. Honestly it hasn’t, not one little bit. In fact, I think I’ll go there on Saturday and make a day of it, maybe buy a burger from the van outside too.


Nice weather for ducks (and geese and swans)

Because I am hardcore, I went out for a run in the rain this morning. Not as hardcore as Warrior Woman though who this morning has cycled 7 miles in the rain to then go and do a 5 mile race in the rain. And not only that but it’s a 9am start, eek! I have carefully chosen my next races (Marrow Fun Run 8k and London Heathside 5) to be ones that don’t start ’til 11am. Far more civilised. Am I hardcore enough to do them in the rain though? Hmm.

I thought there might be a bit of snow left over the marshes today so I took my camera but there was no snow. Only rain. Although I did see this snowthing when I got round the corner just as I was heading out. I call it a snowthing because, let’s face it, it’s not very good is it? But when I got home and uploaded my pics, I thought maybe it was a snowswan but then I saw the carrot on the pavement so maybe it had originally started as an attempt at a snowman? Or maybe a snowswan with a carrot like beak?

Not many people out today, obviously all lightweights put off by a bit of rain. I passed the woman I see out running now and again and we smiled at each other in a yes we’re quite stupid aren’t we, running in the rain kind of way. Although she was slightly less stupid than me as she did have a waterproof jacket on. I think I should get one but obviously it will have to wait until payday when I’m off my no spending this month thing which isn’t actually March like I said in my previous post, but after 24 Feb which is payday. I didn’t realise I spent quite so much on unnecessary crap but I seem to be about ¬£400 better off so far. Oops, maybe I should leave my money at home more often. But I do need a new pair of running shoes because I’ve had mine about a year now and although they haven’t done anywhere near the recommended change after 500 miles thing, they have been worn at the gym for the last six months. And running shoes aren’t unnecessary crap. But then again, neither are books and clothes. People have to read and wear clothes, don’t they?

Next week’s training is going to be a bit buggered due to going out twice next week and spending unnecessary amounts of money on drinking unnecessary amounts of alcohol. Tuesday’s run should survive but then Wednesday and Friday me and Tracey are going out on the piss for a couple of drinks, so I can probably write off Thursday’s and Saturday’s runs. Oh dear.

Ooh, I seem to have forgotten the other pics, here they are. Here’s a soggy goose.

And I just about managed to get this pic of a flying swan.

B&Q compensation update:
B&Q have proved once again just how incredibly incompetent they are by sending me an identical letter to the one I received the other day offering me compensation. The only difference is the date and the name of the person sending it. I am really tempted to send them a letter saying “Dear [name of new person], thank you for your letter dated 7 February which is identical to the one [name of first person] sent me dated 5 February” but I’m not going to.


V. funny though.

Miles: 4.16
Total time: 47:21
Average pace: 11:22 minute/mile
Total calories: 414
Weather: pissing down
Soggy geese: 2
Flying swans: 2
Identical letters from B&Q: 2
The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry
The Cure – Let’s Go To Bed
The Cure – The Forest
Cardiacs – The Safety Bowl
Basement Jaxx – Romeo

Cold turkey

I know why I got the lurgy this week, it was cold turkey brought on by my no shopping for non-essentials in February thing. 

Although last weekend I forgot and bought a DVD on eBay but if I don’t watch it ’til March, then that’s ok I think.¬†

And I can’t even remember why I was on eBay looking at things that I can’t buy due to me being on a no shopping for non-essentials in February thing and I really don’t know why I’ve been perusing amazon but I now have a nicely restocked wishlist waiting for my debit card’s reappearance¬†on 1 March.

Also on my is it 1 March yet list is a stripy top I’ve been eyeing up in the window of Oasis that caught my eye on the way to work a couple of days ago and this morning I thought to myself, hmm, I might pop in on my way to work on Monday and get it if it’s still there, and it was only 1.5 miles later when I got near work that I remembered that damn, I can’t spend anything this month and I’m not sure a new stripy top is an essential, even if it would go really well with my skinny jeans.¬† But it’s not likely that they’ll still be selling it in two weeks though, is it?¬† Aarrgh.

And surely the hairdressers is an essential isn’t it?¬† Although I hate going to the hairdressers but at the mo, my hair’s a bit of a stringy mess so needs a chop, plus I want to dye it and it’ll be quicker to dye it if it’s shorter but I’m a bit scared to dye it in my new bathroom as I make a load of¬† mess and usually get hair dye all over the floor and the walls and the blind.¬† I haven’t yet got any on the ceiling but there’s always a first time I suppose, especially considering I got bits of tomato stuck to the kitchen ceiling once.¬† (The bits of tomato are still stuck to the ceiling, what with it involving getting up on a chair to unstick them.)

And I need gloves for the gym, as the rowing machine gives me blisters.  That must be an essential, right? 

And I want to get my carpets cleaned, now that those tossers from B&Q have stopped stomping up and down the stairs.

I had a cunning plan today though and in an attempt to stop me going home via the offy and buying wine and chocolate¬†I left my wallet at home and only brought out ¬£2 so I could buy some soya milk and after I’d bought my soya milk, I had ¬£1.20 left and spent 15 minutes wandering around Holland & Barrett trying to decide what to spend¬†the remaining¬†¬£1.20 on.¬†

I am in complete agreement with anyone who’s reading this and thinking “WTF?¬† Wine and chocolate is of course an essential!” but I spent all last weekend hungover and didn’t get to the gym or out for a run and due to having the lurgy haven’t done anything this week either, so this weekend I want to redeem myself.¬† And now that I’m feeling better, I’m going to the gym tonight and may even go on the treadmill and try not to fall off.

I’ve got the lurgy

I haven’t ran this week due to being stricken down by a lurgy.¬† Undoubtedly not helped by getting rat-arsed last Thursday after a month of abstinence.¬† Oh, and then getting rat-arsed again on Saturday.¬† And I’m sorry if I spelt lurgy wrong.

B&Q compensation update
I got a letter from B&Q today offering me ¬£406.17; ¬£200 of which is compensation, the rest out of pocket expenses (excluding the kitchen floor as I haven’t given them quotes for that yet) which means that they’re offering me a paltry ¬£200 in compensation for all the hassle they gave me.¬† And the cheeky bastards go on to say that it’s a gesture of goodwill but their goodwill will only extend to 14 days and if I don’t accept it by then they’ll take back their gesture of goodwill and if I do accept it then it is acknowledgment that it is in full and final settlement of any claim arising.¬† They must think I’m just going to overlook the fact that not only are they incompetent but that they are also criminals who forge signatures.¬† And I have the original completion notice that they left for me, here in front of me which, funnily enough, isn’t signed.

Still, that’s a first offer, it can only get better can’t it?

B&Q forgery update

Nicola from the B&Q ISC calls at 10:45 and leaves a message to say that the investigation is still ongoing and there are two possible actions that they might take.¬† If it is confirmed that the fitters did forge my signature, then the likely outcome is that they will be sacked by B&Q.¬† If they can’t confirm that the signature is forged then no action will be taken.¬† She says she will update me by the end of the week.

They should have been sacked anyway, the incompetent fools.

Best intentions

I had planned to go for a four mile run after work tonight in an attempt to exercise some damage limitation in anticipation of Thursday’s alcohol and pizza sesh but I went the wrong way and didn’t want to improvise and all I’d run was a small one mile loop that went back to my house but instead of going back inside and getting my dinner which is obviously what my feet wanted to do which is why they took me the wrong way I continued and did 3 miles. Ish. Near enough anyway. It wasn’t a very speedy run as there were too many people out and about and being inconsiderate enough to be on their way home from work and getting in my way. I am going to have to stop swearing at people under my breath as one day I’m going to get a slap.

But I am still fuming about the B&Q fitters and I rang the ISC today and spoke to Nicola and said I’ve got a completion notice from your fitters but I didn’t sign it, they forged my signature. She said she’d have to speak to the installation manager because she didn’t know how to deal with it and that’s quite serious. I said it’s criminal. She rang me back and said that the senior management team are going to have an internal investigation but they don’t want to influence me in any action I might want to take and she’ll update me within 5 working days.

I had hoped those fitters had fucked off out of my life a couple of weeks ago. Bastards.

Miles: 2.85
Total time: 32:35
Average pace: 11:25 minute/mile
Total calories: 250
Weather: not too cold
Fitters forging completion notices: 1
Mark Ronson – Ooh Wee
Depeche Mode – See You
Young Knives – Weekends And Bleak Days
Cardiacs – To Go Off And Things

Just when you thought it was all over

I posted my letter of complaint today to B&Q but I should have waited as the fitters have excelled themselves and committed forgery now.

I got home tonight and they’ve sent me a customer copy of a completion notice.¬† I didn’t realise at first it was a customer copy and thought they’d sent me it to sign and just laughed and thought if you think I’m signing anything for you tossers you can kiss my arse but then I noticed “my” signature on it.¬† WHAT THE FUCK?!!!¬† Those wankers have forged my signature and I know this because (a) I didn’t sign a completion notice and had no intention of signing anything, even when they had completed the job; (b) it is dated 29 November which is when the flooring was started but not finished as I didn’t have enough flooring so why the fuck would I have signed a completion notice for an incomplete job; (c) there is an “X” next to a box that says print name and I am not so stupid that I can’t follow a simple instruction like print my name; and (d) I wouldn’t put anything past them.

Looks like it’s back on the phone to my mate Alan tomorrow then.¬† As far as I’m aware forgery is a criminal matter and like fuck are they getting away with it.

I’m so annoyed I think I’m going to burst.

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