Something to motivate me


Despite not particularly enjoying the Great South Run last year, I’ve signed up again. I’ll be careful who I allow to take off my chip at the end though and if I see that sour-faced old moo who stood on my blistered foot to get extra leverage to take off my chip last year, I’m going to stamp all over her feet and see how she likes it.

I had to give mine and iliketocount’s details to the man at Bupa who wanted to know, amongst other things, a) our estimated finishing times; and b) our t-shirt sizes. My t-shirt was bigger than iliketocount’s and my estimated finishing time was about an hour slower than his. Not embarrassing at all. Honest.

Still, hopefully (and I know I say this EVERY time I sign up for a race), it’ll give me the motivation to start running again. It motivated me enough to go to the gym after lunch, anyway, and I did 15 minutes on the treadmill. It’s a start.

Rowing machine: 20 minutes
Cross-trainer: 20 minutes
Treadmill: 15 minutes
GSRs signed up for: 1
T-shirts bigger than iliketocount’s: 1
Estimated racing times 1 hour slower than iliketocount’s: 1

(Sort of) still training for the Bupa Great South Run 2012




Yeah, that’s how I felt when I looked at the calendar this morning. I could have sworn it was nearer six weeks away. Bugger. Oh well, I have been slightly reassured that I won’t be walking the entire ten miles (despite lately having a bit of a dodgy knee) as on Saturday I had a good training run of 10k when I actually ran 11-something minute miles for a change and didn’t have any walking bits. So, I probably won’t win, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be last either. Yay for me.

Today’s five mile run wasn’t the greatest run in the world but it would have been a flipping lot better if I hadn’t got a blister at two miles. Anyway, I limped through my five miles and still managed an average of 11-something minute miles (I’m keeping the –something bit secret, ok?) then I went to the dentist which was less fun than having a blister.

As you’ve probably noticed, the Great South Run is sponsored by Bupa and you should really go and ‘like’ the Bupa Running Facebook page and follow them on Twitter where you’ll find regular advice on how best to approach race day, a great running community and regular Q&As with sports medicine experts to assist runners with any injuries.

Maybe they can help me with my blister.

Distance: 4.75 miles
Time: quite a long time
Pace: 11-something m/m
Weeks until GSR: 2 on Sunday
Blisters: 1
Facebook pages you should go and ‘like’: 1
Twitter accounts you should follow: 1