Juneathon 2009 Day 7 – The Beach

I wake up and think I want to go to the seaside today and I look at the trains as I thought the trains went to the seaside from here but they don’t, not without changing and taking nearly two hours so I decide to run away to London to see the Queen instead but Shaun says don’t run away to London, I’ll take you to the seaside and how do you know the Queen’s in London anyway? and I say she’s more likely to be in London than Ramsgate but I go to Ramsgate anyway as it’s where I went on holiday when I was a teenager as my aunt lived there and we go past the Ramsgate Home For Smack Boys

Ramsgate Home For Smack Boys

which isn’t where you buy your drugs from but smack boys were very young boys, some as young as 10, many from the workhouse in Minster, who worked on the fishing smacks.

And then we get to the beach

Ramsgate beach

and see the sea

English Channel

and the beach is empty

Ramsgate's empty beach

which is quite nice but also quite sad at the same time as it’s a sunny day and usually sunny days bring out lots of annoying people with kids onto beaches, but maybe they were all still being really annoying in the Pizza Express we’d just been in for lunch and hadn’t got to the beach yet and then we see a washed up dolphin


and I find this quite exciting, as I’ve never seen a real life washed up dolphin on a beach before and then we see some seaweed


and it reminds me of the Chinese we had on Saturday and we leave the beach and climb up 120 steps to get back to the car


and I make the executive decision that walking three miles and climbing 120 steps counts for Juneathon.

Route (ignore the straight line, my Garmin went mad)

Stats (walking)
Distance: 2.94 miles
Time: 1:01:09
Annoying kids in Pizza Express: lots
Washed up dolphins: 1
Seaweeds: 1
Steps: 120
Weight: 9 st 5
Juneathon’s completed: 7/30

Week 1 stats (running, cycling, walking)
Distance: 32:04 miles
Time: 4:44:31
Average pace: 8:53 m/m
Average speed: 6.8mph
Calories: 1,546

Week 1 map (London, Kent)

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