Flowery Vegetarian Dr Martens

As a goth in the 80s, if I wasn’t wearing black pointy boots with silver skulls for buckles, I wore black Dr Martens. As I became less goth and more indie, I progressed from black and introduced some colour into my wardrobe (only red and purple though, to be honest), which filtered down into my footwear. I had black docs, red docs, red and black docs, silver docs, purple docs and – my favourite ever – bright orange docs.

When I stopped wearing leather, I stopped buying DMs. Vegetarian Shoes in Brighton sold vegetarian ones but they were out of my budget at the time. I started wearing Converse and now have a collection of colours that puts my old DM collection to shame. I’d sort of forgotten about DMs until Cloggs got in touch and asked me to have a look at their website.  As they had a Dr Martens category, I thought I’d have a nose for a bit of nostalgia, then saw these beauties.



The blurb said they were canvas. Eh? Canvas? VEGETARIAN FLOWERY DR MARTENS? I wouldn’t have been seen dead in flowers when I was a goth (actually, that’s not true – a goth would have loved to have been seen dead. That was kind of the point. They just wouldn’t want to be seen wearing flowery shoes.) But I’m no longer a goth and can wear flowers if I want to. So I ordered them and they arrived the next day.


They fit perfectly with plenty of room for my toes but although they’re canvas, they’re just as stiff as I remember leather docs being and will take some breaking in. 


Pretty pretty pretty shoes.

A blog post about a shoe rack

I’ve got an assignment due, so I’m going to blog about a shoe rack. Not any old shoe rack though, oh no. This is a custom-made shoe rack, crafted by Shaun’s very own hands.

Personally, I’d have been happy with a flat-pack from Argos or Ikea but Shaun isn’t like normal people – if we need something, say a table or a shed or something usually made out of wood – he’ll build it. Forget there are still a few rooms that need decorating, or that we’ve got mis-matched windows (yes, he’s making the windows too), a shoe rack was obviously an urgent requirement.

Actually, it was an urgent requirement; the running shoes, walking boots, sandals, Converse, Vans, DMs, biker boots, bags, rucksacks, hats, umbrellas, jackets, coats and gloves were piled up almost to the ceiling. So what was the solution? Yeah, build a shoe rack that reaches the ceiling.


Shaun asked me what colour I wanted it. I said orange. So he decided to paint it orange and yellow to match the Mark Rothko print hanging on the opposite wall.



(I’d never heard of Mark Rothko when I bought it years ago – I bought it because I like orange and yellow. Highway Kind said that is the only reason to buy a painting [well, not because it’s orange and yellow but because I liked the colours].)

Then we filled up the new shoe rack with shoes and boots.


Good, innit?

Juneathon 2009 Day 26 – from bumpkin to WAG

Thanks for all your messages of support yesterday, I might even attempt a run again next week, but not tomorrow, as tomorrow I’m scrapping the Staplehurst 10k which I probably wouldn’t finish until midnight and therefore waste valuable drinking time and instead I’m going to be a WAG and watch Shaun play football which he was coerced into doing by Gary.  I said to Shaun, do you even know how to play football? and he said um, er, well, I’ll just run around and try not to get beaten up and tackle some people and try to pass the ball to people wearing the right colour and that sounded about right to me and so tomorrow I’ll be swapping my wellies for a pair of heels, in particular these ones

Pink & black boots

if they turn up in the post today and I haven’t worn heels for ages and ages and only actually owned one pair that I threw away when I moved here because a) I can’t walk in heels and look like a man in drag tottering around; b) heels hurt my feet and I’m too much of a wuss to let vanity take precedence over comfort; and c) I’d be taller than Shaun if I wore anything higher than a pair of my variously coloured completely flat Converse but I was browsing amazon looking at books and accidentally wandered into the shoe department and I saw these boots and thought they look very cool and don’t look very high and they’re not made of dead animals and they don’t even cost £10 and therefore I MUST OWN THOSE BOOTS and now I’m going to, hurrah.

And I seem to have turned into a girl and blogged about boots, for which I’m very sorry and I did Juneathon this morning, honest.  I was going to go out on the Pashley but it was raining and as the rowing machine was still out and I didn’t have to spend 15 minutes unfolding it, I went on that for half an hour.

Stats Juneathon day 26 (rowing)
Distance: 1.4 miles
Time: 30 minutes
Count: 1085
Calories: 68.5
Music: Ladyhawke
Pairs of cool pink & black boots: 1
WAGs: 1
Juneathons completed: 23/30