5 minute wonder

Woo hoo, didn’t think I’d do it but I did do all 4 lots of 5 minutes (2 minutes walking in between) without stopping! OK, had to stop for a couple of seconds for cars and annoying people in my way but only a couple of times so I reckon I can say I did 5 minutes running continuously. Mind you though, I think “running” might be a bit of an exaggeration, I was going so slowly, I could probably walk faster. Still, it’s time on your feet that matters and it wasn’t a walk so still an achievement. I think.

Decided to run up the market and back as it’s a mile long which was slightly better than the roads as less traffic but was there really any need for the people clearing the market to start saying blokey type things as I went past? Things like “wooooooooooo” which probably means “she’s got a fat arse” in blokey language I suppose.

Started raining too which was quite refreshing really.

Next run is Thursday which is traditionally pizza, beer and beat Gary at Scrabble night which I haven’t done recently in my quest for a fitter, healthier me. Then the next run after that is Saturday which is traditionally get completely hammered and don’t remember anything the next morning night.

Will I be able to do 3 days of 4 lots of 5 minutes running? Na, will I f**k!

Also, I haven’t had any crisps or creme eggs this week (yeah, ok it’s only Tuesday)

Miles: 2.41
Calories burnt: 217
Music: shuffle, can’t remember exactly, know there was some Cribs and Air, Air is far too mellow to be running to


Well, what a thoroughly feeble attempt today. Too much to drink on Friday and Saturday, I reckon, not to mention the pizzas and creme eggs. Ah well, another week starts tomorrow although according to my beginner’s schedule, I’m supposed to run 5 minutes continuously. Yeah, right. Today I couldn’t even run 3 minutes more than 3 times. Found a nice stream near the park though, didn’t know that was there. Not all bad then.

Miles: 1.47
Calories burnt: 132
Music: Outkast (what the f**k am I doing listening to hip hop? Might be to blame for today’s feeble attempt)

Too many people

Oh my god, how cold was it today?!!  And yet brave little me ventured outside into the freezing cold to go for a run.  Far far far far far far too many people though, really stressing me out, can’t do a single three minute run without having to stop for some person in my way, usually women with kids, aarrgghh!!!  Too many roads and cars too.  Didn’t particularly enjoy today’s run, probably didn’t help that  my ankles and knees are still a bit sore.  I probably should rest them and not run again until they’re better but that could be a couple of weeks and if I stop now, I’ll probably never put my trainers on again.  Oh dear.  Will just have to hope I get stronger and it’s less painful. Hopefully will manage to avoid pavement if I go out on Sunday morning in daylight, that should help.

Still, I probably went some way to burn off the delivery pizza, four cans of lager, two packet of crisps and a creme egg that I had last night, oops, so much for being healthy, nice though!

Miles: 2.29
Calories burnt: 206
Music: Cardiacs

I didn’t run into any cars today

Pretty uneventful run today, i.e. it wasn’t snowing and I didn’t run into any cars. Too busy for my liking though with people and traffic, bring on the lighter evenings so I don’t have to stick to the road.

It was the first of the 3 minutes running / 1 minute walking (repeated 6 times) schedule today and doing 3 minutes non-stop was surprisingly easy, seeing as when I first attempted to run a few weeks ago, a minute nearly killed me.

Miles: 2.46
Calories burnt: 222
Music: Shuffle – Bobby Conn, Courtney Love, Cardiacs, Cribs, ooh, they all have the letter C as an initial, spooky.

Strokes in the snow

Woman with child cancelled due to woman with child sickness type thing so I decided to go for a run today after work. The weather decided to bring snow on the way home but I was undeterred and went out in the roaring blizzard (do blizzards roar? Well, whatever it is that they do then) – woo, impressive, huh? I was going to put my hood up and look like everyone else in the road but it kept falling down – how do hoodie type people keep their hoodies up?

I almost didn’t make it up the top of the road as I ran into a car that was coming round the corner. It looked suspiciously like my ex-boyfriend’s car so it could have been him trying to kill me. Not that he’s the type to go round killing people but I suppose it could be his new year’s resolution or something to see how many ex-girlfriends he can remove from the planet.

Anyway, that’s enough running for this week, I’ve done my three outings this week of seven lots of 2 minutes running / 1 minute walking. Now I can go and get hammered for the weekend (not tonight though, hastily walked past the off licence with my eyes shut so as not to be tempted. Might have to throw away the pizza menus too, aarrgghh).

Next week I scale the dizzy heights of running for 3 minutes then walking for 1 minute six times (I think). Getting v. bored of Markhouse Road though. Bring on the lighter evenings so I can go and see some green stuff and cows and bunnies. I like cows and bunnies.

Ooh, and today I have been not smoking longer than last time I stopped smoking so yay for me! 3 weeks and 3 days, woo hoo! Haven’t been around any smokers though but tomorrow I’m going to be out on the piss with Mark and he smokes loads and roll-ups too, yikes! Ah well, I’ll breeze through it, no problem.

Miles: 2.06
Calories burned: 181
Music: The Strokes

Sightseeing up and down Markhouse Road

I’m on the second (of three) of the 2 minutes running / 1 minute walking schedule this week. Oh, that doesn’t mean I’m out of the house for a grand total of 3 minutes, it’s repeated 7 times, so a total of 14 minutes running and 7 minutes walking or about enough time to hear 7 Strokes’ songs on my iPod.

According to my new favourite website http://www.gmap-pedometer.com I did 1.9 miles today and burnt off 181 calories but think I may have forgotten one 2 minutes running / 1 minute walking thing as on Monday it said I went 2.5 miles. Oh well, 181 calories burnt off, that’s more than a packet of crisps, woo hoo!

Might be the last run of the week depending on how much I drink on Friday (but I will be out with woman with child who isn’t drinking so maybe I’ll be moderate too in sympathy – ha ha, yeah, right, maybe I’ll just get hammered, Kirsty can watch on in jealousy!) and whether I am not too hungover/have enough time on Saturday to go out in the morning. Would be nice though because then I can go over the marshes in the daylight instead of pounding the backstreets of Markhouse Road in the evening after work. Will definitely not be running anywhere on Sunday after going out drinking with Mark in Cambridge on Saturday. Getting home in one piece will be a major achievement (as will staying off the ciggies, aaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh, I will be strong!)

I’m not going to post pics of maps/routes as I’m too paranoid to have my road up on the net for all to see, I have enough stalkers already, ta.

Miles: 1.9
Calories burned: 181
Music: The Strokes

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