Sometimes people contact me and say “Miss JogBlog, would you do us the honour of being in our esteemed publication?” and of course I say YES PLEASE BECAUSE I AM AN ATTENTION SEEKING WHORE BUT NOT DESPERATE ENOUGH TO BE ON BIG BROTHER no no no no no, I am far too timid and shy and couldn’t possibly and then they pester and pester and pester until I give in, weakened by their demands and so I say yes and then they do horrible things to me like cut out my head so I look like a dork.

You don’t believe they cut out my head?  Take a look at this clipping from Runner’s World magazine then. That’s me in the middle (no, not the bald one, that’s Mr Hauling My Carcass).

Don’t worry, the rest are better, i.e. there’s no photo of me.  Oh, hang on, yes there is, in this screenshot taken from the Sportsister website.  But they said my site was described as “laugh out loud”, so I’ll let them off.

The next one I wasn’t expecting.  I went along to the London Blogger’s Meet Up to blag myself some free alcohol listen to some interesting speakers and meet fellow bloggers and got interviewed (along with everyone else in the room) by a journalist and ended up in the London Metro a couple of weeks later.  How excited was I when I picked up a copy at 9am at Liverpool Street station and saw my blog mentioned!? Woo hoo, FAME, I’m going to live forever, I’m going to learn how to fly. HIGH.  And that.


I’ve grabbed the glory away from iliketocount on the next one, as he was the one interviewed by the journalist from the Reading Evening News, but if he complains about me hogging the glory, I’ll just refuse to cook his dinner.

Reading Evening Post


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