NOW running app

I have somehow managed to go through my entire life without buying a ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ album. Not even when the series started in 1983, when I was 13 and probably knew not only the words to every track but also the names and favourite colours (thank you Smash Hits) of each member of every band on it.

Last year, the ‘Now That’s What I Call Running’ box set was released, and now, NOW have released a running app.

You decide how long you want to run for, and the app will create a playlist of that duration from the tracks on your phone. Or, alternatively, you can buy tracks from the complete NOW catalogue from within the app. You can also choose the energy filter which will create the playlist based on the energy level you set.

It has an incredibly intuitive interface, and I was set up in a few clicks.



Not wanting to break my 30 year streak of never owning an NOW album, I let it choose 30 minutes of music from the selection on my phone.


As you’d expect from a running app, it tracks your distance, pace and calories and lets you share your run with Twitter.


This is the perfect app for people (like me) who can never decide what music to play. Please excuse the pathetic time it recorded. I’d foolishly gone for a run after having a dodgy stomach and anything above a walk had me almost doing a Paula.

NOW Running App costs 69p and is available to download on iPhone  and Windows Phone 8.