Hangover? Tough.

I spent the day yesterday making everyone (well, about two people anyway) jealous by telling the entire world that I was going to BAFTA for the Miranda Masterclass. It was brill. And I was in the second row and close enough to poke her (not that kind of poke, you mucky pups). And after I’d been to the brill Miranda Masterclass, I went off to meet my friend Gary for drinks and food. The plan had originally been beer and Mexican food, but somehow that turned into wine and pizza. As I hadn’t had any wine for over a month, I was a bit worried about getting the last train home but all was fine. I even made the second from last train home (although that was due to the fact that the bar in the station, although open, would only give us four minutes to drink up if we bought a drink. Duh.)

Usually after an evening drinking wine, there’d be no chance of me going out for a run, but this is Juneathon and slacking isn’t an option and no matter how hard I searched Hal Higdon’s website, nowhere does it say that I’m allowed to not stick to my schedule just because I’ve been out on the piss.


So off I went for 3.5 miles and listened to the Audiofuel Pyramid 180 Max intervals and took the walking bits very seriously indeed. Then I thought Thru the Gears might give me a bit of a boost but I ended up just listening to it as I strolled in the sunshine.

A bit of a lame Juneathon effort from me today then. But I still did it, so there.

Distance: 3.5 miles
Time: 44:51
Pace: 12:49 m/m
Calories: 328
Miranda Masterclasses: 1
Beers: 0
Wine: Lots
Mexican food: 0
Pizzas: 1
Hal Higdons letting me off due to being hungover: 0
Lame Juneathons: 1
Juneathons run so far: 7/7