Under Armour Bra and Cold Black T-Shirt

The Under Armour Cold Black T-shirt blurb says ‘black out the sun’ so I was going to wait until it was sunny to try it out but the first time in the last month I’ve done any exercise was in the gym and we don’t get much sun in there but today I was up nice and early and decided to go for a run and try out the t-shirt and the Under Armour Bra.

The Armour Bra has an appropriate name as it’s a sturdy piece of kit. Despite it’s sturdiness, it’s a good-looking bra and if you were one of those gym bunnies that like to prance around the gym in your bra then you’d be proud to show this one off.


Still, I’m not a gym bunny who prances around the gym in my bra and it got hidden under the Cold Black t-shirt.


I’m sorry Under Armour, I hate this t-shirt, it’s not for me at all. The neck is far too low cut (it didn’t even cover the top of the bra), scooped and baggy – I like a much closer fit in my t-shirts.

The feel of the t-shirt wasn’t right. It felt more like a smart casual top I’d wear in an office (if it didn’t have the logo and reflective strip on it), not like a running top at all.

The fit wasn’t right. I can’t describe how it wasn’t right – it just didn’t feel right.

What I did like though was the length, some running tops can be a bit short, this was just right.

As for the bra… Well, it may be pretty, but it chafed my shoulder and back to fuck and I’ve never had a sports bra chafe me before.

For a (far) more positive review of the t-shirt, visit fairweatherrunner’s blog – she loved it, runners come in all shapes and sizes, after all.

Shaun got a nice orange t-shirt from Under Armour, I’m going to steal that from him and wear that instead.