The Visualising Div

Running bracelet

I am such a der-brain. I was on the rowing machine at the gym, wondering what kind of bracelet to make Chris – who won the run bracelet giveaway – and visualised my boxes of beads, when my mind’s eye zoomed in on the little plastic bag the run bead is kept and… oh… HANG ON A MINUTE, I could clearly see two beads in the little plastic bag and then I remembered I was supposed to be giving away two bracelets but, because I’m a div, I only randomly selected one winner.

So, better late than never, I am pleased to announce the second winner of a run bracelet is:

Mercy Morris, who blogs at moorhenscampers¬†and said this is what she’d like as a magic power. I approve of this magic power.


Well done, Mercy – my apologies for being a div.