Janathon Day 23: Multi-tasking

Thought I’d stick my PC Fitness DVD on today and do some weights. Couldn’t be arsed with all that step touch/march/kick step warm up rubbish though so emptied the cat litter tray during that bit and put stuff to be recycled in the recycling bags during the rest bits and did general faffing about in the stretch bits at the end. I did the weights bits in between all the cat litter tray emptying/recycling/faffing bits though, honest.

And I’ll be doing my uni cycling commute in a bit, too. (That’s a commute to the station, not a commute on a unicycle.)

Weights DVD: 15 minutes
Cat litter trays emptied: 1
Stuff put in recycling bags: Some
Faffing: A bit
Cycling: 6 miles