Jordan, Cheryl, the cast of Towie and… me!

‘I have just seen your blog site advertised in Closer Magazine so decided to take a look… ‘ said the email.

Closer Magazine? Isn’t that a celebrity gossip magazine? WHAT ARE THEY SAYING ABOUT ME? HAVE THEY TAKEN A PICTURE OF ME TOPLESS? Then I remembered that I wasn’t famous and no one would want to take a photo of my tits anyway.

Shaun went off to Tesco to get me a copy but they didn’t have the latest edition, so Helen kindly got a copy for me and took a photo of the page I was mentioned on and eventually I got my own hands on a copy.


I don’t know who recommended my blog, but if you’re reading this – thank you! Another great running blog that was featured was Heather’s Love-Hate-Runner blog (I hope she forgives me for cutting her out of the scan).

Juneathon is famous!

I cycled to the gym.

I rowed for 20 minutes.

I went on the cross-trainer for 15 minutes.

I did body pump for 45 minutes.

I walked into the town centre and did some shopping.

I cycled back home.

All this would count for Juneathon BUT as I’ve made us all worldwide famous (as long as everyone in the world reads the Kent Messenger) I think this counts for quadruple Juneathon points AND redeems my slackness so far? Don’t you agree?



p.s. I didn’t write the article, I can write better than that. And as for that headline – my tutor would have a fit. Leave a better headline in the comments below and I’ll give a prize for the best one at the end of Juneathon (UK entrants only please – I can’t afford the postage overseas).