The Nutribox Sports Nutrition Box (and 35% discount code!)


As mentioned on my other blog, The Nutribox deliver straight to your door, boxes bursting with healthy snacks. And now there’s even better news for runners (or cyclists or swimmers or jugglers or trampolinists or BMX-ers or skateboarders or shoplifters legging it from security guards); they’ve added a sports nutrition box to their range containing – as you’d expect – snacks perfect for fuelling before, during and after exercise.

Unlike other energy/protein, etc. bars, these aren’t full of chemicals – they’re made with only natural ingredients, are gluten-free, and don’t contain any trans fats or lots of added refined sugars. They’re all vegetarian; most are raw and vegan, too.


I received in my box:

Salad Topper Mix (seeds and stuff. I haven’t had salad for a while and I can’t be arsed to eat seeds on their own, so I added them to a batch of muesli bars I made);

Turkish Delight (no, not the gooey rose-flavoured flour-coated gunge that sticks in your teeth, this is a bag of dried apricots, dates and brazil nuts);

Bounce Ball. I love these, they’re chewy and gooey and peanutty (well, the peanut one is peanutty, anyway. Other varieties are available);

A maple and peanut protein bar (I haven’t tried this yet but I love maple and peanut so I’m expecting good things);

A flapjack (all flapjacks are good, even healthy ones);

A raw choc bar (raw chocolate is much nicer than it sounds. Try it);

A Frank Bar (kind of like a Nakd bar);

A packet of dried strawberries; and

a seed bar which looked like one of those seed bars you used to feed your hamster (it tasted like I imagine the hamster seed bars to taste, too. Sorry Nutribox).

Get 35% off a Nutribox Sports Nutrition box! 

So, you want one of these boxes now, don’t you? I haven’t got one to giveaway, unfortunately, but I do have a discount code you can use to get a whopping 35% off your first order.

Just visit the Nutribox website, choose which size box you’d like and quote JOGBLOG at the checkout.

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