Day 17: GRUMPY

I woke up grumpy. I saw people making the same lame Tesco jokes (you thought beefburgers were only made of beef? Seriously?) and I didn’t get any less grumpy. I saw people posting status updates that it was cold (it’s January. Der.) and this didn’t make me any less grumpy. I went to the gym at 9am and no one had opened it yet and that didn’t make me any less grumpy either and so I came home with the hump.

What did make me smile though was seeing Travelling Hopefully had changed her Twitter avatar to a penguin, so me, HelsBels and Fairweatherrunner all changed ours to penguins, just to confuse her. Well, that and because we like penguins too.

Even in my red mist of rage, I didn’t forget about Janathon. Instead of walking back from the gym, I ran. I know it’s not far, but I would have stomped back if it hadn’t been for the J word.

Grumpy moods: 1
Tesco jokes I am sick of seeing: Flipping billions of them
Open gyms: 0
Penguin avatars: 4
Runs back from the gym: 1