Janathon 2014–Day 1 with the lurgy

Well, I wasn’t going to do a dressing gown dash in that weather, was I? In fact, because I’ve still got a cold, despite having the feeling a walk in the fresh air would do me the world of good, I had no intentions of leaving the house today. Especially when I remembered there’s a rowing machine in the conservatory. Janathon Day 1 = sorted.

I’m not sure my pulse monitor and app were being particularly accurate today; it reckoned my heart rate went up to 235bpm with an average of 172bpm and I burnt off 188 calories in 10 minutes. I’d spend all day on the thing if it really did burn that many calories in 10 minutes.

mytrek 009

HelsBels has set a Janathon challenge of planking in your pyjamas and posting photographic evidence. Running From The Zombies has already done this and posted it on Twitter and I’ll do it if I remember later but, in the meantime, get your pyjamas on, get planking and photographic proofing!