Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Foam Rollers from Hardcore Fitness!

HardCore Fitness Foam Roller

HardCore Fitness Foam Roller

It occurred to me that yesterday’s post might have given the impression I’d been slacking. But… come on… AS IF! I haven’t been slacking, honest – I’ve been injured. And if you don’t believe me, you can ask Twitter. Just don’t ask Twitter when you’re busy, because, on a whim, I asked for advice while I was eating my lunch, then spent the rest of the day thanking people (and if anyone who gave me advice that day is reading this – thank you, again).

Twitter’s diagnosis for my ailment – after I’d given more information than, ‘Help me Twitter, my leg hurts’ – seemed to be quad/hip/adductor-related and someone helpfully sent me a video of a foam roller exercise.

But, alas, I didn’t have a foam roller so it was a happy coincidence when HardCore Fitness got in touch and asked me if I wanted to try out one of theirs. I’d only heard bad things in relation to foam rollers before – mostly centering around the word ‘ouch’, but I had a bad leg and I was desperate not to fuck up my marathon training (you’re not buying that at all, are you? You know I just wanted a freebie) so I said, ‘Yeah, man, bring it on’. (The words I actually used may have been more along the lines of, ‘Yes please’, but you get the gist.)

HardCore Fitness Foam Roller

As mentioned above, my knowledge of foam rollers only went as far as ‘ouch’, so I’m not going to pretend I know whether HardCore Fitness’s one is any better than any other but what I can tell you is that considering how light it is (about 600g), it’s surprisingly robust and sturdy and when you do your exercises on it, you can really feel it. And it wasn’t ‘ouch’, it was actually quite nice, although I can see where the ‘ouch’ would come in if your muscles were particularly achy that day.

HardCore Fitness Foam Roller

HardCore Fitness are so sure of their foam roller’s indestructibility, they offer a lifetime guarantee with each one. With each one, they also give away a free 33 page ebook full of exercises.

Foam roller exercises ebook

Free 33-page ebook with each foam roller

Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 HardCore Fitness Foam Rollers

You want a foam roller now, don’t you? It’s just as well I have 3 to give away then, isn’t it?

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer this question:

Which marathon have I entered?

a) Dymsynagogue Marathon

b) Dymchurch Marathon

c) Dymosque Marathon

Leave your answer in the comments and I’ll pick 3 winners after the closing date of Saturday 12 September 2015.

UK entries only, sorry.

Thanks to HardCore Fitness for supplying me with a foam roller to review and for the ones to give away.

ActiPatch Knee Wrap – Science, or Sooty’s Magic Wand?

A while back, ActiPatch sent me one of their knee wraps to try out. This was timely as, since building up my cycling mileage, I’d developed a bit of a niggle which meant each time I cycled, my knee hurt. As soon as I got off the bike though, it stopped hurting; it also didn’t hurt while walking, running or at the gym, so I didn’t get round to trying out the wrap.


On Saturday though, I went out for a run and my knee began to hurt. Uh oh, I thought – this doesn’t bode well for the Pilgrims Hospice Cycle Challenge tomorrow, so when I got home I put on the ActiPatch to see if it helped.

Yesterday, I completed the 55 mile hilly ride without a single twinge. Yep, not a single bit of pain, even when I concentrated really hard to feel something. I don’t know what’s in the Actipatch (well, I do actually – it’s electromagnetic pulse therapy) but it’s flipping magic. Maybe Sooty’s in there with his  magic wand. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s some scientific technical thingy. But we’ll pretend it’s Sooty, eh?


The ActiPatch has an on/off button and apparently lasts for 720 hours. It consists of a wrap and a cable thingy and it doesn’t matter which way on the wrap goes as all the magic bit happens inside the area the cable is surrounding. The instructions say to keep it on for a minimum of 8 hours a day and it can also be worn at night but I only had it on for about five hours. I also had it on over leggings, so the magical powers can get through clothing. It’s safe and drug free and can be worn by diabetics, arthritics, the elderly and bedridden. The ActiPatch is available from Amazon (and other places such as Boots, etc.) for £19.99.

He hasn’t deserted us, Chief Juneathon is back!

I can’t run.  I have a very swollen and bruised ankle because of the stupid countryside roads without pavements.  I never fell over in the marshes, oh no.  I did fall over a football during my first 10k but that was nearly three years ago and since then, except for wine based unbalancing acts, I have stayed upright.  Until I moved to the flipping stupid poxy waste of space countryside.

So, today, instead of running I played on the computer and was speaking to Joggerblogger (or [rich] as he likes to be known these days) on Twitter and I asked him if I should take over Juneathon or was he going to do it?  And he said I should take over, as he’d feel a fake as he can’t run.  So I said but you can draw everyday and he liked this idea and hurrah, our leader is back and going to post up the new run, exercise or draw Juneathon 2009 rules shortly.