Name and shame: CIS (Co-operative Insurance Services)

Since the age of about 30, I have tried to be a responsible, law-abiding citizen (yes, ok, so I’m a late developer to the responsible, law-abiding citizen thing) and so I ring my mortgage company to tell them I’m moving and putting tenants in my house and do I need to inform them? and the man on the phone says yes, you need our consent and it will cost you £225 and you also need to change your insurance to a landlord policy.  So I ring up my insurance company and say hello, I’m moving house and putting tenants in and need to change my policy.  I’m asked for the policy number of the insurance of where I’m moving to.  Huh? I want to change the policy of where I’m moving from, not to.  Woman on the phone says I need to have my insurance with them at the place I’m moving to if I want to have landlord insurance on my current property.  Huh?  Can you say that again please?  She repeats what she just said and I say but it’s not my property, the insurance there is nothing to do with me, I just want to change the insurance on my property.  She says I can’t, unless where I’m moving to is insured with them.  But it’s not my property.  She says it doesn’t matter, you have to have insurance with us at your main residential address if you want our insurance on another property you own.  BUT THAT’S CRAZY I say.  She says that’s their policy.  I say well I’m going to have to cancel my insurance with you then.  She says yes I will, and she’ll cancel it from now.  BUT YOU CAN’T CANCEL IT FROM NOW, I STILL LIVE THERE I say.  She says ok, when do you want to cancel it from?  I say I’ll call you back.  I phone my bank and say can I have some landlord insurance please and the nice man says yes you can and it sounds like a pretty reasonable price too so I get my insurance with them and phone the crappy CIS or The Co-operative Insurance or whatever they’re called now and say stick your insurance up your arse you idiots.

Insurance companies who are idiots: 1
Nice banks who gave me insurance: 1
Blog posts about running: 0