Janathon Day 3 – you voted, I obeyed

You were determined to put the ‘jog’ bit back into ‘JogBlog’, weren’t you? Well, you won. The votes came in and the outcome was:

Run: 17

Bike: 4

Body pump: 1

Swim: 1

Gym: 0

So out I went this morning for a run. It was bright and sunny, the first mile was muddy and I saw a girl walking a dog so small, she could have saved herself a trip outside and put it on a hamster wheel instead.


One good thing about being FORCED out for a run was I got to wear my new running tights, yay.


Yes, that’s a little black cat curled up on the bed and yes, I know the mirror needs cleaning. Oh, and yes, I did change out of my slippers into something more appropriate in which to run.

Before I left the house, a Tabata DVD came in the post. I have no idea what Tabata is – I think it’s a high intensity interval circuit training type thing? Oh well, I’ll find out soon enough, something new for me to try during Janathon.

I also found out my postie’s New Year’s Resolution seems to be to give up ringing doorbells. Our one, anyway, as he left a parcel for me in the recycling bin. Not the shallow one with nothing in it, but the four foot deep one with a lot of crap in it. Nice. Most people give up drinking or smoking for New Year, giving up ringing a doorbell is a new one on me.

Anyway, in my parcel was a couple of pairs of running tights from Sportsshoes.com, I’ll model them for you when I wear them.

Speaking of sports attire, something slightly less conventional to exercise in is a onesie or pyjamas. Remember HelsBels set a Janathon challenge for everyone to do a plank in their pyjamas or onesies and post photos? Well, I’ve done mine dressed as a penguin. Fairweatherrunner said I had to do it again though and properly this time, on my forearms, not hands, as apparently that’s ‘too easy’. Bah.


More photos of Janathoners’ PJ planking have popped up on the Janathon Facebook Page and Not Much Of A Runner was brave and posted a photo of his plank in the buff. We want more though, so keep them coming!

Day 17: GRUMPY

I woke up grumpy. I saw people making the same lame Tesco jokes (you thought beefburgers were only made of beef? Seriously?) and I didn’t get any less grumpy. I saw people posting status updates that it was cold (it’s January. Der.) and this didn’t make me any less grumpy. I went to the gym at 9am and no one had opened it yet and that didn’t make me any less grumpy either and so I came home with the hump.

What did make me smile though was seeing Travelling Hopefully had changed her Twitter avatar to a penguin, so me, HelsBels and Fairweatherrunner all changed ours to penguins, just to confuse her. Well, that and because we like penguins too.

Even in my red mist of rage, I didn’t forget about Janathon. Instead of walking back from the gym, I ran. I know it’s not far, but I would have stomped back if it hadn’t been for the J word.

Grumpy moods: 1
Tesco jokes I am sick of seeing: Flipping billions of them
Open gyms: 0
Penguin avatars: 4
Runs back from the gym: 1