Daisy Print Running Tights? Oh Yes!

On the way to the pub after the Ashford & District 10k a couple of weeks ago, Helen and I stopped to look in the window of Sports Direct (don’t ask me why this was more important than the pub. We must have been feeling athletic after our race or something) and I saw a jacket I had been eyeing up a few months ago had been reduced in price so we went in to have a look.

The jacket wasn’t the same jacket I thought it was but look what I found instead.

USA Pro daisy print running tights

Don’t cha wish your running tights were hot like these?

DAISY PRINT TIGHTS, BABY!!!! They were £17.99, which is more than I’d usually want to pay in Sports Direct, but… you know… daisies…

Flower print running tights

Stop looking at the mess behind me. Nosy.

I went for a run in them today and they’re thick and comfy but they don’t have a drawstring and they do slip down a bit, although not as much as some tights I’ve worn in the past so they’re okay to run in but may be better suited to the gym.

You can buy similar ones in Tesco for £14, although they’re a lot thinner. I was tempted to buy some when I saw them the other day but I’d already bought my SD ones but yesterday when I went into Tesco, I bought some fab bright pink and black ones which I’ll model for you another time.

I bought my daisy print tights in-store at Sports Direct, but here’s the link if you want to buy some online.

Isn’t great that we can get tights more interesting than plain black now?


Be Seen and Be Safe In The Karrimor Running Reflekt Range

Guess who stuck diligently to the first week of their half marathon training schedule last week? Yep, you got it – not me. I wasn’t a complete slacker though, as I did join my running group on Tuesday evening for their speedwork session, which involved running past the Outlet Centre’s food court approximately twenty-three times and I can tell you, the smell of chips frying didn’t get any less tempting the more times I ran past it. But at least I was only running past it and not through it, like the Ironman participants had to do in the summer, only to be rewarded for their efforts with a plastic cup of water and an energy gel when they ran – drooling and starving like an extra from The Walking Dead – through the exit.

I should probably admit, I only went to the session because, in an act fuelled foolishly not by wine for once, but by coming home energised and motivated after my local parkrun the Saturday before, I posted on Emily’s – our running group leader – Facebook page that I would be coming along on Tuesday and posting it publicly on her page so I couldn’t get out of it. She even offered me a lift, so there was definitely no getting out of it and now she says now she knows where I live, there will definitely be no slacking off in the future.

As it was an evening run, it gave me the chance to try out the new Karrimor Running Reflekt range I’d been sent. As you’ve probably guessed from the name, it’s made with reflective material. On one of the billion tags that were attached to the jacket and tights, it said to take a photo with the flash to see the transformation. So I did. Here’s the jacket.

Karrimor Running Reflekt Jacket

Photo taken with flash

Karrimor Running Reflekt Jacket

Photo taken without flash

And here are the tights and jacket together, in a runner’s equivalent of double denim.

Karrimor Running Reflekt Tights

Photo taken with flash

Karrimor Running Reflekt Tights

Photo taken without flash

As you can see, these clothes really are reflective. When you’re outside and not taking photos of yourself in the mirror while being ignored by your cat, you can’t tell they’re reflective by looking down at them but my running group were impressed by how reflective they were and wanted to know where they could get some.

It’s not all about the reflectiveness though – this is decent kit. I’m really fussy about my running tights as ones that don’t stay up or are uncomfortable really get on my wick(ing fabric – ha!) These tights are great. They’re thick, long enough (they’re almost too long and I usually have the opposite problem and can’t get tights/trousers/leggings long enough), have zips on each ankle/calf, have a zipped pocket on the back and – most importantly for me – they stay in place and there’s no running along pulling your tights back up while simultaneously hoping you’re not giving yourself a wedgie in full view of any passing dog walkers. You’ve probably noticed they have a pink pattern on the ankles and this is going to annoy the pink haterz, but I like it.

I don’t usually wear a jacket while running as I get too hot, but as it was raining, I thought it might be a good idea and although it fit well and was comfy enough, I did get too hot but if you like running in jackets and want one that will help you not get run over, this is the jacket for you. Karrimor also do a reflective long-sleeved running top but I didn’t get sent one of those to try, boo.

The Karrimor Reflekt running tights are a bargainous £19.99 (honestly, they’re well worth this – I want to get some more as I haven’t got any other decent long running tights) and the jacket is £59.99. The range is available in men’s and women’s (unsurprisingly the men’s tights don’t have pink bits) from the Karrimor website.

Oh yeah, I ran five miles this morning to make up for the five miles I didn’t run on Saturday. I’m not sure how well I’m going to be sticking to my schedule the rest of the week as I’ve been invited to afternoon tea at the Houses of Parliament tomorrow for a running thing (just thought I’d sneak that in there) and I’m out all day on Thursday.

Just getting my excuses in early.

Janathon Day 7 – pink tights heaven

Yesterday’s Janathon post should have been titled Day 6, not 5, but I’d already done the ‘five rhymes with alive’ thing and posted it on Facebook and Twitter and everything, so I decided to keep it. It was Day 6 though, I didn’t do Day 5 twice and slack off Day 6, honest.

As I mentioned the other day, the postie left a couple of pairs of running tights from Sportsshoes.com for me in the recycling bin (as you do). I said I’d model them for you when I wore them, so here’s the pair I wore for today’s run.




Yes, I decided to do the whole pink thing and teamed them with a pink top and socks. (Did I really just type ‘teamed them’? Sorry, meant to say ‘I also bunged on a pink top and socks’.)

So, that’s my Janathon Week 1 done (that’s a normal ‘done’, not a Justin Lee Collins-esque type ‘done’), and here’s a screenshot of my SportTracks calendar to prove it.


Janathon totals so far:

Running: 6.49 miles
Cycling: 38.94 miles
Other (gym/body pump): 2 hours 20 minutes
Calories: 2,650

How’s your Janathon Week 1 gone?

Giveaway: Win £25 to spend at Zalando – no minimum purchase necessary


My running kit really isn’t particularly exciting, especially the tights. They might have a small flash of colour but that’s about it, really. Zalando have lots of running tights in funky patterns and colours – check out these gorgeous pink and black ones.



Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring myself to spend £65 on a pair of running tights, so I got these funky grey and black ones instead for a bargainous £20. What’s even more of a bargain is the free delivery, and I was able to pay by PayPal which meant I didn’t have to faff around finding my credit card details. 


If you’d like some running tights like these (or anything else from the Zalando site for that matter), leave a comment below and one of you will be picked at random to receive a £25 voucher to spend at the Zalando website.

Competition ends midnight, Friday 13 December 2013.