Competition: Win a copy of “Veg: The Cookbook” by Gregg Wallace

Veg:  The Cookbook by Gregg WallaceI get contacted by a nice lady from Mitchell Beazley who asks me if I’d like copies of two books to give away on my Planet Veggie website.   FREEBIES?!!  Like she even needs to ask; just send me the freebies, and so I email the nice lady back and say yes please, send me the books and I will run a competition on my site and she sends me the books which are Veg: The Cookbook by Gregg Wallace and The Seasoned Vegetarian by Simon Rimmer and I think hmm, I’ve seen Masterchef and I don’t remember Gregg Wallace being a vegetarian and so I look at Veg: The Cookbook with some suspicion and it doesn’t say anything about being a vegetarian book on the front cover, nor on the back cover and neither on the inside front cover or inside back cover and so I flick through the book at the recipes  which all look very nice and are indexed by vegetable but then lo! my suspicions are confirmed when I see a recipe containing beef.  Eek.  And it says something about slicing up the dead cow and I drop the book like a hot potato although I’d rather have a hot potato than a dead cow and I email the nice lady and say I’m sorry but it’s not a vegetarian book and therefore I can’t give it away on Planet Veggie but I do have another blog where I allow meat-eaters to come and play and I can give the book away on there if that’s ok? and the nice lady emails me back and says yes, that’s fine and so I have three copies of Veg: The Cookbook to give away and I’ve been trying to think of a competition but failed miserably and so all you have to do to win one of three copies is to write a comment telling me why you should win the book and the three comments I like the best will win and I really hope that more than three people comment otherwise I’m going to look like a saddo.

Copies of non-vegetarian books to give away: 3
Copies of vegetarian books to give away when I get round to it: 3
Date competition ends: 28 February 2009