Janathon Day 11 – up before 7

Despite deciding when I went to bed last night I wasn’t going to set my alarm and go to parkrun this morning as I had been up late writing and submitting an assignment, my brain had other ideas and woke me up early with the beginning of my dissertation proposal so I thought I’d better get up and write it down before I forgot it. Which meant I was up with plenty of time to get to parkrun.

If you were on Twitter a week ago, you might have seen a conversation between me and @TrevB1 where he said if he got a London Marathon place through his work, he’d do a long run in his tiger onesie and asked if I wanted to join him for a run in my penguin onesie. He suggested Guildford and so I thought, aha! I can’t get to Guildford, I can get out of running in a penguin onesie, so I said ‘sorry, can’t get to Guildford, can you get to Ashford?’ hoping he couldn’t get to Ashford but, alas, he said if he got a place, he’d come to Ashford. Bugger.

Unfortunately for @TrevB1 but fortunately for me, he didn’t get a London Marathon place, so if you came on here looking for pics of us running in our onesies, um, sorry about that.

What I did turn up to parkrun in this morning though was my Janathon t-shirt.


It didn’t get me a parkrun PB, but it did get some admiring looks (or I might have imagined that).

If you want to get a Janathon t-shirt or mug or something, there are some massive discounts at the Janathon Cafe Press shop at the mo, plus a further 15% off until midnight. I might buy some pyjamas; if they get here in time, I can do another Janathon pyjama plank.

The JogBlog Guide to Spending More Time In The Gym

Current Janathon record holder – Kevin Foreman, who ran a staggering 455 miles in Janathon 2012 (and blogged every day unlike some of the slackers currently at the top of the leaderboard) – tweeted me a couple of days ago and said:


to which I replied, ‘no it bloody well doesn’t’. Or words to that effect. Anyway, while we’re all ‘enjoying’ the snow here in the UK, spare a thought for poor Kev who is sweltering away in the searing Australian heat.



I want photos of you wearing your Janathon t-shirts! Buy them at the Janathon Cafe Press Shop and send them to me (the photos, not the t-shirts. Although, if you’re offering, can I have one like the one Kevin’s wearing in a size 12 please?)

Anyway, back to the subject of today’s post. How to spend more time in the gym than you’d planned.

I don’t know if I slept through my alarm or ignored it, but either way, I got up later than I’d wanted to, which meant that I wouldn’t be getting to the gym when I wanted to which meant that I’d be getting back later than I wanted to so I pondered whether to just not go to the gym at all but then I thought, aha! I don’t have to spend an hour in the gym, I can just spend half an hour in the gym and be back at the time I wanted to be back and when I thought that, I FELT LIBERATED. And not only did I feel liberated, I realised I’d worked out a genius idea of how to spend more time in the gym than I had planned because although ideally I would have spent an hour in the gym, half an hour is more than no gym at all.

Or something like that.

The essential piece of January running kit

A t-shirt was delivered yesterday. Two t-shirts, in fact. And not just any t-shirts but Janathon t-shirts, yay!

Ideally, I’d have had them sorted way before Janathon started, so I could buy one and check the quality before letting you all know they were available. But because Cafe Press took an absolute age to approve the design (72 hours? Pah!), I didn’t get the chance.

But, I am 100% DELIGHTED with these t-shirts. I was worried that they’d be that cheapy, thick cotton that’s uncomfortable to wear but these are gorgeous. They fit beautifully, the cotton is just the right thickness and weight and I proudly wore mine to the gym this morning.


This is a normal cotton t-shirt but performance dry ones are also available (along with lots of other styles, like the baseball top below).

janathon 019 

If I’d have thought about it, I’d have saved wearing it until tomorrow when I’ll be doing my first Parkrun but I’m going to do a white wash today especially and hope it dries in time.

T-shirts, hoodies, bags, mugs, dog t-shirts, slankets, stickers, badges and all sorts of stuff are available in the Janathon Cafe Press shop.

If you’ve bought a t-shirt, I’d love to see a photo on your blog of you modelling it!

Rowing machine: 20 minutes
Cross-trainer: 20 minutes
Treadmill: 10 minutes
Stationary bike: 10 minutes
Janathon t-shirts: 2

Just an ordinary shop girl

I’ve always wanted to work in a shop. I can remember saying to my mum when I was 16 and she wanted me to go to secretarial college and I said I’d rather work in a shop than be stuck in an office. Then she bribed me with £100 (I’m not that cheap these days) and so I went to secretarial college and got stuck in an office for twenty-two years.

Anyway, now I’ve got a shop. Ok, it’s only a virtual one, but I’m quite excited. It’s a Janathon shop and you can buy lots of Janathon things like t-shirts, hoodies, bags, mugs, and – my favourite – a dog t-shirt.


So, off you go then, visit my Cafe Press Janathon shop and fill your boots!