No, I’m not speaking in tongues.  It’s National Blog Posting Month, although apparently it’s every month, not just November so if it wanted to be pedantically accurate it should be called NaBloPoEvDa and I’m not sure why I’ve decided to join in, especially as I don’t fit the “national” criteria and therefore strictly speaking should only be for Americans but the website says anyone can join in so to be really annoyingly pedantically accurate they should change the name to InBloPoEvDa.

So this morning when I get up and hear about InBloPoEvDa I think hurrah, a monthly challenge, I like monthly challenges, especially ones that don’t involve not eating chocolate/Kettle Chips/pizza or not drinking alcohol and I think it’ll be just like Juneathon, except not involving exercise or um, being in June.  But then I think what will I blog about every day?  After all, no one wants to know what you had for lunch [today, nothing; yesterday baked potato and baked beans; tomorrow leek and potato soup (or is it potato and leek soup?)] do they?  And when will I blog?  What if I’m going out?  Tomorrow night will see me and Tracey on another of our quests for free alcohol although I had thought I might have to cancel as I had a mystery illness over the weekend and I woke up this morning still feeling a bit rough but then I thought I can’t cancel as our new blogging friend is coming out and last time she came out on a mission comprising free champagne drinking in the hairdressers I cancelled citing reasons of mystery illnesses and she will get paranoid if I keep cancelling whenever she comes out and so I’ll have to get up early and blog instead but what will I blog about first thing when I haven’t done anything? and then I think I can post a photo of the upside down sheep I found on my camera but I don’t think that can wait.

Upside Down Sheep

NaBloPoMos: 1
Lunch: None
Upside down sheep: 1