Marathon training is looming

My calendar tells me that marathon training starts on Monday. It also tells me that it’s a rest day, so at least I’m being eased in gently. I am going to try and stick to the schedule although:

a) it thinks I’m going to run 8 miles next Saturday when I haven’t run further than 1.5 miles since the Great South Run at the end of October;

b) it’s unlikely that I’ll run the London Marathon, as I don’t fancy a big run that’s full of walkers, charity runners, people in fancy dress, cheering crowds and bands along the route; and

c) it’s unlikely that I’ll complete the training anyway, as – I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before – there isn’t anywhere decent round here to run.

I will be doing Janathon though in my usual haphazard way. If you’re also doing Janathon, can you help spread the word? Tweet it, Facebook it, blog it, whatever it – lets get a record number of participants this year, eh? Ta!

[Just remembered that next Saturday is my birthday and I need to go out at lunchtime, so eight miles is unlikely. Not a good start!]

Flora London Marathon 2009

I didn’t run the Flora London Marathon this year (or any other year for that matter), I entered the ballot for the first time ever but I was a reject.  Although that was possibly for the best, as my training for the Kent Coastal Marathon last year only consisted of a week’s training, which was promptly ditched when I found out that a) the first half of the course was hilly; and b) I couldn’t wear my iPod.

So congratulations to Adele and all the other nutters runners who ran yesterday and who were probably a bit surprised to find out that it was a gorgeous sunny day with nothing but blue skies and no sign of the grey cloud and heavy showers that the wonderfully inept BBC weather website had predicted only the day before.

And with that in mind, if I ever get onto the Virgin London Marathon website and manage to enter the ballot for next year (which is looking unlikely as apparently due to unprecedented demand [i.e. they forgot that it gets oversubscribed by about 120,000 people each year, duh] the website is down), with the weather forecast being so unreliable, I’m going to have more sartorial dilemma’s than Leighsa when she went to the physio.  What running gear do I wear?  Shorts and sun visor?  Tracksuit bottoms, reject’s fleece and golf umbrella?  Maybe I’ll just stick to being a pantomime horse.