Juneathon Day 13

gooseI’m currently writing an article about leaving your desk and getting outside so, as I’m not one to be a hypocrite (ha!), I thought I’d better leave my desk and get outside myself and not just the outside bit that covers the quarter of a mile between my house and the gym.

Sometimes, my Garmin gets a signal while I’m still in the house. That day was not today though. I got goosebumps waiting for it to get a satellite, so I thought sod ya then, I’m going without you and I set off Garminless but it soon caught me up and I did about 1.5 miles in the cold and the drizzle.

I’ll be cycling later when I go to see my university’s production of Witches of Eastwick.

Running: 1.5 miles
Cycling later: 6 miles
Goosebumps: lots