Workplay Gymwise II Backpack

gymwise-backpackI’ve been through a lot of backpacks. Every time I buy a pretty one, it falls apart. Even the expensive Sweaty Betty one I bought thinking ‘they are a sports specialist shop, this won’t fall apart’ did. My current rucksack was bought at Walthamstow Market for about £5 and it’s lasted a few years. Which is great, but it’s not very pretty.

The Workplay Gymwise II Backpack is very pretty. It looks a lot like my old Sweaty Betty one so I’m hoping this one stands up to me shoving my uni books and gym kit in it.

According to the website, it’s an ideal "run to work and go to the gym later" bag but although it has got a sternum strap, there’s no waist strap, so if you did try a running commute with it, it’d be bouncing around all over the place and you’d probably cut your run short and jump on the bus instead.

Still, it is a brilliantly functional bag. It’s got LOADS of pockets, a washbag for putting your toiletries in, a detachable laundry bag for putting your sweaty gym kit in and a separate compartment for trainers.

The front pocket is only the depth of a hand and I found it perfect for putting my Kindle in. The two side pockets are big enough for water bottles and there are other smaller pockets for your phone, washbag and MP3 player. The main space is plenty big enough for my uni books and gym kit.

I tried the bag out cycling to the station and it was light and comfortable, although it didn’t feel very secure without using the sternum strap.

For a demonstration of all the features of this rucksack, watch this video and if pink’s not your bag, it’s also available in black.