Janathon Day 9: Gate press-ups and flashing

Michelle has been doing farmer’s gate press-ups. Yesterday she posted photographic evidence and this inspired me to do some farmer’s gate press-ups too. I’m not sure if my gate belonged to a farmer but it was in a field, so it counts. Because I thought Michelle had been doing 20 press-ups, I decided to out-press-up her and did 30. I’ve just checked her blog though and she did 30 yesterday. BAH! Oh well, it’ll be 40 for me next time. Anyone else want to join in the farmer’s gate press-up challenge? If you haven’t got any farmer’s gates nearby, any gate will do.  Bonus points for photographic evidence.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the flash fiction (short, short stories) collection that was published yesterday that contains one of my stories, ‘Fog’.


The Flashing Type is a collection of 50 pieces of flash fiction by new authors and, at the mo, it’s only 77p for Kindle on Amazon UK or 99c for Kindle on Amazon US.

Run: 2.69 miles
Farmer’s gate press-ups: 30
Flash fiction collections published yesterday that has one of my stories in it: 1

The 7 week itch

Eight weeks ago I started a 12 week half-marathon training schedule, extending it to 19 weeks, so if I had to skip a run or two, I could repeat that week. I was doing really well up to week 7; I hadn’t skipped a single day but then at the end of week 7, I was supposed to do a 7 mile run. I hadn’t done a 7 mile run since the first time I trained for the Royal Parks Half back in 2008 and so that wasn’t a run to be skipped.

But I skipped it.


But I have excuses! Of course I have excuses, don’t I always? My excuse is that I had a 5k the day before and therefore needed to rest the day after, plus before I did the 5k, I did body pump for the first time in three weeks and man, did I ache the next day.

That was a week ago and I haven’t really done any running since, except for a 4.27 mile run last Tuesday that was practically at walking pace. What happened to the 9:48 minute miles I’d done just a few days previously?


Last Saturday’s scheduled 8 miles was postponed due to going to Hyde Park to meet up with some of my fellow Juneathoners for our post-Juneathon picnic (four of them were hardcore enough to have a run first. Abradypus was extra hardcore, having already done a Park Run and then running from Liverpool Street to Hyde Park. Me, I sat down, opened a can of Pimms and tucked into the stuffed vine leaves and hummous).

This morning, I didn’t have the energy to catch up on one of my missed long runs. I didn’t even have the energy to do the 5 miles it had on my schedule for today, so I decided to do some intervals, incorporating them into a 3 mile run.

So that’s what I did.

This weekend, I’ll have to catch up on my missed miles and go for a 7 miler. In the meantime, tonight I’m going to Talking Twitter with Grace Dent and tomorrow I’m having one of my short stories read out at Are You Sitting Comfortably, a local event organised by White Rabbit.

See that bit where it says “an evening of short stories written by local writers”? That’s me, that is!

I may be a bit excited.

Distance: 3.02 miles
Time: 34:43
Pace: 11:30 m/m
Calories: 317
post-Juneathon picnics: 1
Long runs skipped: 2
Mes a bit excited: 1