The Visualising Div

Running bracelet

I am such a der-brain. I was on the rowing machine at the gym, wondering what kind of bracelet to make Chris – who won the run bracelet giveaway – and visualised my boxes of beads, when my mind’s eye zoomed in on the little plastic bag the run bead is kept and… oh… HANG ON A MINUTE, I could clearly see two beads in the little plastic bag and then I remembered I was supposed to be giving away two bracelets but, because I’m a div, I only randomly selected one winner.

So, better late than never, I am pleased to announce the second winner of a run bracelet is:

Mercy Morris, who blogs at moorhenscampers and said this is what she’d like as a magic power. I approve of this magic power.


Well done, Mercy – my apologies for being a div.

Run Bracelet Giveaway Winner Announced!

Skull bracelet

At the beginningish of Juneathon, I posted a giveaway of a run bracelet. I’d completely forgotten about it until now but I’m pleased to announce the winner (chosen randomly by a random number generator) is:

Chris Bray, who blogs at What I Meant To Say and whose chosen magic power would be

Comment screenshot

Well done Chris, I hope I can make a bracelet that’s masculine enough for you!

Juneathon Day 9 – A Magic Bracelet (and you could have one too)

A few months ago, I sensed Cassie needed some motivation to get back into running, so I made her a bracelet.

Running braceletAnd as Helen had a couple of marathons coming up, I made her a bracelet too.

Running jewellery

Then I realised that I needed some motivation as well, so I made myself a bracelet. My one embraced my inner goth.

Skull bracelet

It also matches my Fitbit (sorry for fuzzy photo – trying to take a photo one-handed with your non-dominant hand isn’t easy).

Run bracelet

And, I’ll tell you what – this bracelet is made of magic because I wore it for the first time today as I was going for a run and I ran 5 miles without stopping, WAHOO. I even did sub-12 m/m which, yes, is horrifically slow, but I don’t care. I DID 5 MILES WITHOUT STOPPING AND IT’S ALL THANKS TO MY MAGIC BRACELET.


Giveaway – Win A Magic Bracelet! 

As I came back from my run endorphined-up on a runner’s high, I’ve decided to share the magic and give away two bracelets (purely because I have two ‘run’ beads left). You have the choice of a skull one like mine (although I haven’t got many pink or purple ones left but I have green, red, blue and yellow skull beads so you can choose a combination of those), or you can have a black and red one like the one at the beginning of this post (or you can have black and pink, or pink and red, as I have pink beads). Or you can have a pot-luck one and leave me to decide what to make from my collection of beads.

Just leave a comment below telling me what magic power you would like to have and I’ll pick two at random after the closing date of Tuesday 30 June 2015.

UK entries only, sorry (unless you want to pay the postage).


Distance: 5.1 muthafucking miles, baby
Time: 1:01:28
Pace: 11:57 m/m


In the pink

Pink champagneJust over a week ago, I won the pink quiz at work and my prize was a bottle of pink champagne although strictly speaking I should share it with Google who provided all most of the answers but I don’t know if Google drinks and probably doesn’t what with it being a search engine and that and I’m not sure what happens if you pour pink champagne over search engines and then I’m offered some running shoes to try out so I choose some pink ones and then yesterday I find out that I won first prize in a jewellery competition organised by Beads Unlimited with the pink and silver heart bracelet

Pink and silver heart bracelet

that I made and I don’t even have the bracelet any more as I gave it to Emily so it’s just as well I took a photo of it what with it being a prize winning bracelet and that and I think I’m enjoying winning these pink things and I used to hate pink and now I think pink is my favourite colour.




Bottles of pink champagne won: 1
Jewellery competitions won with pink bracelets: 1
Pairs of pink running shoes: 1