You Can’t See Tits On The Radio

Fellow Janathoner, Millie – who blogs at Run For The Quiet – asked me if I wanted to talk about Janathon on her Preston FM radio show. Last year, I managed to weasel out of this by claiming to have a sore throat (actually, I did have a sore throat and was gutted I couldn’t do it), so Deputy Helen stood in for me and you can hear the fine job she did here.

This morning, however, I checked I didn’t have a sore throat by speaking to the cat and all vocal chords seemed intact so I had a shower and mooched about in my dressing gown until I decided that, although no one would know what I was or wasn’t wearing, I wanted to look presentable for my radio interview debut and put some clothes on.

Despite a bit of an awkward start when the line was crackly and I couldn’t hear what Millie was saying, the interview went well. I managed not to swear (I almost said ‘arsed’, as in: ‘if you can’t be arsed to blog’) or take the piss out of anyone and I also squeezed in a reference to bar push-ups and dressing gown dashes.

Anyway, you can hear the interview in all my dulcet-Essex-toned glory below.

Millie spoke to Cathy about Janathon by Geek On Radio on Mixcloud

Thanks Millie, for inviting me onto your show.

If you haven’t signed up for Janathon yet, sign up now at and if you need more reasons to sign up, we’re offering prizes from New Balance, Helly Hansen, Audiofuel and more and if you need further persuasion, read Deputy Helen’s post about how Janathoners have more fun.

Fame! Janathon radio interview


Millie asked me if I’d like to do a radio interview on Preston FM. Eek, I said, I’m scared. Then I remembered I was an attention-seeking media-whore and said yay, I’d love to, thanks.

Unfortunately, lurgy struck and a sore throat left me barely able to speak; not a good look for radio. So, a deputy was needed and I asked my trusty sidekick, Helen, if she’d stand in for me and she said ‘eek, I’m scared,’ then she remembered that she too is an attention-seeking media-whore and said ‘yay’.

And what a brilliant job she did of it too. A worthy deputy indeed. All the core facts about Janathon were mentioned; dressing gown dash, bar press up, excuses, beer and pizza. She also used the word ‘glamorous’ and ‘Preston’ in the same sentence, which probably doesn’t happen very often (my apologies to people in Preston, I’m just kidding – I’ve never been but I’m sure your town is lovely).

You can listen to the interview here:

There’s still plenty of time to sign up for Janathon, enter here.