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Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to cancel on NYE Bloke and when I got in, I went for a run instead and get some value for money from my new expensive running shoes. Maybe the man in the shop wasn’t lying when he said they’ll make me a better runner (although for those of you who think I was being serious when I asked the man in the shop if the expensive shoes would make me a better runner: I WAS JOKING) as tonight I ran 10:30(ish) minute miles. Hurrah. Ok, so there were only two of my 10:30(ish) minute miles and I did take the relatively traffic/side road free route down the market (after seven years of living here I’ve eventually found a benefit of living next to the crappiest longest street market in Europe) but still, my Garmin says I did 10:30(ish) minute miles so yay for me.

Which has marginally cheered me up after the news that I can’t watch Lost anymore due to Richard Branson not forking out 3p for Sky One. I suppose I’ll just have to download it from somewhere wait for it to come out on DVD. I don’t watch anything else on the telly and I haven’t got over Channel 4 axeing Brookie yet either. Woe is me.

And on my run I went past a man doing strange things (no, not those kind of strange things) in the green bit next to the bus garage and I nearly tripped over a woman who was dressed head to toe in black, kneeling on the ground with her hand outstretched begging for money. I thought about suggesting to her that she might be better off wearing bright colours and standing up if she wanted people to see her and then she might make more money but I thought better of it and continued with my 10:30(ish) minute miles.

Tomorrow I have to try and get up early and go and retrieve my parcel from Start Fitness from the Post Office. Start Fitness‘s advert in the Runner’s World magazine says that you get a free gift with every purchase, and I got a free gift last time, but Joggerblogger didn’t. I hope they don’t forget my free gift this time.

Search engine query of the day: I want to be a fitter for b&q

If I ever have kids and I hear them utter those words, or I see them type them into a search engine, they’re getting a slap.

Miles: 1.99
Total time: 20:58
Average pace: 10:32 minute/mile
Total calories: 185
Men doing strange things on the green bit next to the bus garage: 1
Women begging in the dark dressed head to toe in black: 1
Toyah – Voodoo Doll
Simian – We Are Your Friends
Pixies – Velouria
Wasted Youth – Caveman


  • Who is NYE Bloke? If you get the same freebie it must be mine and you need to send it up north 😀

    What’s this about Lost?

  • NYE Bloke is a bloke I met on New Year’s Eve. I don’t think he knows about this blog and therefore won’t be offended by me calling him NYE Bloke.

    Oh, think I should have kept quiet about the new parcel from Start Fitness. Oops. But if I do get the same freebies as last time, you can have them 🙂

    Lost is lost. Virgin Media won’t pay double what they used to pay to Sky and rip off their customers to be able to have the Sky channels (in Virgin’s words) or Virgin are refusing to pay the asking price for the Sky channels (in Sky’s words). Virgin offered Sky 3p per customer per day but Sky said no we want more money. Or something like that. But anyway, no deal was done and since midnight last night no Sky channels have been broadcast on Virgin Media (ex-NTL/Telewest).

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