Day of the dandelions

It’s been a lazy week on the exercise front. And I don’t even have any excuses except for I needed to wash my hair on Monday and Wednesday and I was going out on Thursday.

But I redeemed myself this morning and ventured out over the park armed with my trusty camera. I said to Tracey on Thursday that I go running without any ID on me and I don’t take my phone either and if I had an accident no one would know who I was and I wouldn’t be able to phone for help or anything and she said I should take my phone with me and I said but then that’s like I’m thinking something’s going to happen and she said but you might come across someone who’s broken their leg and then you can phone for help so you should take your phone for the benefit of other people. I liked that way of thinking but by the time I remembered Tracey’s wise words I’d already put my trainers on and my phone was upstairs and I wasn’t going to take my trainers off to retrieve my phone so I risked life and limb and the lives and limbs of other people and went out phoneless.

But when I get my new phone next week I will take that out with me because not only has it got a 5mp camera it also has integrated GPS which would have come in handy when I was lost in the back streets of Hackney. Although obviously my new phone would soon become my new stolen phone had I got it out in the back streets of Hackney.

I was rather optimistic this morning because when the doorbell rang I thought ooh maybe that’s my new phone, even though the website said it would be despatched within two working days and I ordered it on Thursday which means that there hasn’t even been one working day, let alone two, and when I opened the door it wasn’t the postie brandishing a new phone shaped package, but it was the bloody god squad. God squad man said hello, I’ve got something for you but whatever it was he was getting out of his bag wasn’t Easter Egg shaped so I lost interest immediately and said no thank you and shut the door.

After making sure the coast was clear of the god squad I went to the park and went up to the sports field and instead of taking pictures of daisies, today I took a photo of a dandelion.

And another one.

I did a lap of the sports ground, then back out on to the street and back into the park, then I decided to do another lap of the sports ground and then back into the park and took a photo of this purple flower.

And then I’m wondering if I can manage another lap of the park and I think I probably can because it is the smallest park in the world so I do another lap of the park and my Garmin tells me I’ve done 3.3 miles and I decide to round it up to 4 miles before I go home so I go round the block too and go past the shop and I realise that I haven’t run past the shop since beginning my beginner’s schedule last year of run 1 minute, walk 1 minute x 10 which used to nearly kill me but I was always very proud of myself for managing to do it.

And now, after being at one with nature in the park, I am going to be at one with nature in the garden and plant some seeds and grow some chilis to put on my pizza.

Today’s route

Miles: 4.17
Total time: 48:54
Average pace: 11:44 minute/mile
Total calories: 421
New phones ordered: 1
God squad at the door: 2
Delorean – As Time Breaks Off
Fiery Furnaces – We Got Back The Plague
Black Wire – Hung Up
Fall Out Boy – This Ain’t A Scene It’s An Arms Race
Good Charlotte – Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
Pit Er Pat – Nick Those Prawns And Burn Them
The Gossip – Bones
Mark Ronson – Stop Me
Abba – Summer Night City
Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby

One comment

  • A 5MP camera? I feel gadget envy coming on again.
    We had the god squad round today, or at least I assumed they were Johovas witnesses, they were pressing all the buzzers on the flat entrance and they had a book in hand, which to me is definate JW behaviour. I snook around to the other entrance to avoid them.

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