Race day

It is just wrong for an alarm to go off at 7am on a Sunday morning, unless you’re a nurse or something and have to go to work at the weekends or I suppose if you’re one of these strange people who go running and enter races that are on a Sunday morning instead of a more civilised time like a Saturday afternoon.

I’m lying in my bed thinking shall I get up and go to the race because I’m thinking I haven’t run for two weeks so I must be really unfit and I’m also wondering if staying up late drinking lager and eating Peanut Butter KitKat Chunky was the best race preparation and I’m also wondering if I can bear to be seen in public with a race number proudly declaring itself to be supported by Budgens.

But I decide that as I haven’t been to Hornsey before it’ll be an adventure.  Sort of.

One comment

  • Budgens of Crouch End has got to be better than Finance Societys.

    Let us know how the peanut butter kitkat chunky went as a pre-race meal, I’m always on the look out for new superfoods.

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