Juneathon Day #13

A trip to the gym at lunchtime to jump up and down on the treadmill whilst pondering life’s complexities such as why do women get called heifers when a heifer is a male calf or is it heffa, as in heffalump?

Also on my list of things to ponder while on the treadmill was what challenge to lay myself for July once the Juneathon’s over and I came to the decision that July will be a Lose the Lardathon which ordinarily would mean cutting down the beer but with us coming into the official beer drinking season (i.e. Summer) that’s a really crap idea so it’s going to have to be a Eat Less Crap But Still Drink A Bitathon and then I had a flash of inspiration and thought I will only drink on beer drinking weather days and no drinking if it’s raining.  Yah, good plan.  Although if it starts raining while I’m drinking I can carry on drinking which is an even better plan.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a running commute.  B*llocks, I’ve blogged it now, I’ll have to do it 🙂

Treadmill: 15 minutes
Speed: 9kph
Distance: 2.2 kilometres
Rowing machine: 15 minutes
Crosstrainer: 18 minutes


  • [waves paw]

    I’m in, I’m in!

    So – we drink beer on hot days and eat crap stuff on rainy days – this sounds great 🙂

    How dowe lose weight though?

  • No no no, you got it wrong. You don’t eat any crap at all, you drink when it’s sunny and not drink when it’s raining unless you have already started drinking. It will work, trust me 🙂

  • okey doke – target for me is to get back below 14 stone, which is about 5kgs to go 🙂

  • I want to get under 9 stone. Then I want to get to 8 and a half stone as that’s what I was from age 16 to 36 when I stopped smoking. If I don’t get to 8 and a half stone, I’m taking up smoking again 🙂

    (Not really)

  • I like the word Heffalump, which is a good job really.
    I may be persuaded to join the drinkabitathon although it will probably be harder than the Juneathon, especially as I’m not actually doing that.

    I was thinking of doing a running commute tomorrow as well but I’m not foolish enough to blog it. Its been forecasting thundery storms all week and you can be sure that they’ll finally arrive if we take the running gear tomorrow.

  • I saw it had forecast rain but I am hardcore and can run in a bit of rain. I didn’t hear about the thundery storms though and don’t think I am quite that hardcore.

  • Count me in for drinkabitathon – But i’ll drink only on the rainy days, it’s summer it’s bound to p*ss it down.

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