One mile wonder

After yesterday’s massive feat on the treadmill, when I woke up this morning my first thought after thinking I wish the cat would stop hitting me in the face was I wonder how my leg is, will it take a trip over the park? and so I got up and thought yay, it feels fine, I’m going to go to the park as, it would be nice to go and see the cows but I don’t want my leg to give up on me over the marshes and have to limp back all the way home and I can get home from the park in about 5 seconds and so I blew the dust off my Garmin, unearthed my trainers from underneath toolboxes, numerous pairs of Converse and an embarrassing amount of bags under the stairs, tried to remember how to use my wireless headphones and went to the park and there was an old man on each of the benches so I had to stand around and look dodgy while I waited for my Garmin to pick up a signal but it didn’t take long and so I started walking round the park as I couldn’t remember how to run but after passing a man with two little dogs I attempted to run and it wasn’t too bad but a bit stiff and achy and I went up to the sports field which was completely empty and did a lap of that and then it wasn’t completely empty anymore so I went back onto the street and got back to the park and I thought shall I do a lap of the park or just go home and I thought I’ve done a mile, that’s probably enough for now, I don’t want to overdo it and damage my leg and anyway I have to go out drinking with Tracey today and go for lunch on the boat pub and then get the boat bus and do more drinking and the sun is out so definitely beer drinking weather, yay.

Today’s route:

Distance: 1.21 miles
Pace: 11:16
Calories: 119
Kaiser Chiefs
Kate Nash
Calvin Harris
Black Wire


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