Decisions, decisions…

After a sleepless night I get up early having made a decision and not only have I made a decision but it’s a firm decision and I’ve never had one of those before but a cup of tea and a couple of emails later and once again I’m undecided.  Aarrgghh.  So I make do with a different decision and then decide to go and see the cows over the marshes and a train goes past and I don’t think that’s my train and then another train goes past and I think that train goes to Liverpool Street and I should be on that train going to work but I’m not and I’m nervous about going back tomorrow but I have to go sooner or later and I think sooner would be a good idea and it’s bright and sunny over the marshes and I remember the radio said it was going to be cloudy and thundery all day and I’m wondering how the weather people get it so wrong every single fucking day and why don’t they just look out the window to see what the weather’s like instead of spending billions of pounds on machines that clearly do not work very well at all and then I’m out of the marshes and back on the street and there’s a girl walking down the road towards me so I go to the side and then she goes to the same side and I’m thinking aarrgghh, I hate it when people do that and so I go to the other side instead of pushing her into the bushes like I should do really and then I get home and I’ve done 5k hurrah.

Distance: 3.14 miles
Time: 37:18
Pace: 11:52
Calories: 305
Cows: 6
Good Charlotte
The Cure
Hot Chip
Hard Fi


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