Nokia N95 Sports Tracker

Due to me staying up late making this bracelet in a bid to progress in my new career as a famous jewellery designer

I get up late and think oh shit, it’s a bit late now to go over the marshes and I pick up my phone to check for messages and then I’m reminded that I want to try out Sports Tracker so I get up and get changed and put my N95 out into the garden to get a satellite and it does get a satellite and so I say bye to the cat and go and sit on the wall and wait for my Garmin to pick up a signal and I think duh I could have put it out in the garden at the same time as the N95 and then the Garmin’s ready and I switch both on and I think I’ll have to carry the N95 which is a pain but I can’t see it working in my pocket even if Tracey says hers works in her flat and I think she must have moved into a tent and didn’t tell me because how can it work through walls? and I shut the slider and it doesn’t like it and the signal goes so I slide it up again and it comes back on and I think I don’t really want to carry it but I’ll have to and I get to the marshes and then I’m wondering if I can use Sports Tracker and the camera at the same time but I don’t go near the cows but I can see them and they’re near the fence and I think typical, the only time I don’t go near the cows they’re right by the fence and they must have known and I think cool, psychic cows, and then I go under the bridge and stop to walk up the really steep hill and then I’m on the most boring mile stretch in the world ever

and there aren’t even any cows on this bit although there is a lake and the occasional Canadian Goose and I get home and try to work out how to get the data from my phone onto my pc and it saves the route map as a screenshot

and it can also be exported to Google Earth

which tells me where I went the fastest but very tactfully doesn’t tell me where you went the slowest but that’s probably because it was all slow and there wouldn’t be enough room on the map to write the word slow all over it but my fastest was very very fast indeed according to my phone as it says my max speed was 37mph which is equivalent to 1:37 minute miles and I think wow, I’m faster than I thought, I really am a finely tuned athlete after all, hurrah.

Garmin stats:
Distance: 3:00 miles
Time: 33:42
Pace: 11:13
Calories: 291
Psychic cows: 6
Sports Tracker stats:
Duration: 33:43.76
Distance: 3.19 miles
Speed avg: 5.7mph
Speed max: 37.0mph
Pace avg: 10:35 min/mile
Pace max: 1:37 min/mile
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The Cure
Manic Street Preachers


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