I am feeble

I wake up late after dreaming about Bobby Conn jumping into the sea from 100s of feet up in the air and a cute man in a wheelchair and I spend a couple of hours putting off going for a run and thinking I could go tomorrow instead and I check the weather forecast as today’s weather is looking very nice indeed from the window in my spare room and the weather forecast for tomorrow is rain although that could be rubbish as the weather forecast for today is cloudy and all I can see is blue skies and I think I’d better go for a run today, it looks like the weather for it and I’ll be pissed off if I put it off ’til tomorrow and then it’s raining and I plot a route on the gmap-pedometer website to see how far it is up Tottenham Marshes and back and it’s six miles and I think cool, I’ll do that and I think I’ll make today a leisurely run and take my camera and I eventually get out the door at about 11 and I haven’t even gone a mile and I’ve stopped to walk and I think why am I so tired? and I think it’s nearly lunchtime and I’m hungry, maybe I should just go home and get some lunch and I remember I ran at lunchtime once before when I had a week off work and I was feeble then too and I manage to run a bit more but then I stop again and I think I’m going to have to go home, this is no good and I get to where the cows live and think I might as well take a picture while I’m here.

And I get over the boardwalk and I think I should run again but I think there’s a steep bit in a minute and I don’t do steep bits so I might as well wait ’til I’m back on the path and I get to the path and run again and then stop again and I’m thinking about my lunch and what to have and I’m inspired by Londonjogger who made a vegetable soup the other day and I think I have some swede left from last night’s veggie shepherd’s pie, I wonder what swede soup would be like and I’ve got some green lentils left too, I can chuck them in and then I think I’ve got some split green peas, they can go in and also there’s some black eyed beans to use up and I think yay, that sounds like a nice soup and I will eat well today and have an early night and get up early and go for a proper run, not like today’s feeble effort and as I go past the stables I take a photo of the horses so they don’t feel left out

and then I run/walk the rest of the way home and make soup and try and decide whether to dye my hair mystic violet or cyber purple.  I think it’s going to be cyber purple.

Distance: 3.10 miles
Time: 42:08
Pace: 13:34
Calories: 260
Cows: 6
Horses: 2
Soups: 1
New Model Army
Death House Chaplin
Stereo Total
Citizen Fish
Junior Senior
Faith No More
The Libertines
The Cribs

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