Can Breathing Exercises Really Improve Your Wellness?


Plenty of serious health and wellness people tout breathing exercises, and if it’s something you’ve never personally explored it can feel somewhat silly. After all, breathing is the most natural thing we do, and it’s easy to presume you do a perfectly adequate job of taking in oxygen without having to do specific exercises. You might in fact ask yourself: can such exercises actually result in improved health and wellness?

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The effects smoking has on your appearance


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Smoking has many dangers attached to it, including the habit heightening your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Tobacco smoke’s ingredients can also cause significant damage inside a person’s body.

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Are Sports Stars More Badly Behaved than Ever?

James Hunt


If one were to go by the incessant coverage of stars behaving badly in our newspapers and online, you could be forgiven for thinking that sportspeople in the professional era have been corrupted by greater fame and increased pay-packets and are descending into barbarism. Whether they’re getting drunk and behaving obscenely in public, swearing at officials on tv, assaulting members of the public or getting caught using illicit substances, today’s sports starts are frequently charged with setting a poor example for younger generations to follow.

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Does a healthy lifestyle improve productivity?

In a study conducted by a researcher at Brigham University in the United States, it was reported that people who live an unhealthy lifestyle, including unhealthy diets, were 66% more likely to report productivity loss than those who lived by a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is also said to release endorphins which can have positive psychological effects, such as a ‘euphoric high’. But what is it that leads to a productivity boost? MaxiMuscle investigate:

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Best Jogging Routes in and Around Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t really known for its wide open spaces and natural beauty. It’s more about those big bright lights, crowds and fantasies come true. But that’s not to say that you can’t keep up your fitness when you’re going a little bit wild in Sin City. Life is all about balance after all! There is definitely the ability to mix in some raucous late nights with some reinvigorating mornings out running.

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The best time of day to run in Las Vegas if you are in the city is very early in the morning, between sunrise and 9am. This is when the streets are quietest, as everyone is safety tucked into bed in their hotel, or for some, still partying behind closed doors – or stumbling home! For routes that are off the beaten track – so to speak – just ensure you’re not running in the extreme heat of the day. Stay hydrated!

Running the strip (southern end)

8.6km round trip, easy

You can do the run down the strip if you take it, like we said, as a very early morning activity. This way you won’t have to be dodging pedestrians left and right and well, not getting much of a run at all. There are many overpass bridges that you’ll need to climb over to continue your jog – many crossroads do not have crosswalks.

You can start your run here at the southern end of the strip, at the corner of Tropicana Avenue, which is right near (surprise, surprise) the Tropicana Hotel. Throughout the run you will get to check out some of the best hotels and attractions on the strip. If you do this run at the start of your trip, you might even get an idea of where you’d like to visit later when you’re out and about.

The start of the jog takes in the MGM Grand, along with your mini New York, with the Statue of Liberty and the skyscrapers of Manhattan close by, followed by the mini Eiffel Tower in Paris shortly after.

A bridge later and after some more hotels you’ll see Rome, with the Colosseum and the Forum. You can finish the run at Circus Circus Drive and circle back, or keep jogging down the strip to check out the old downtown area of Vegas.

Las Vegas

University of Nevada Las Vegas

7.15km round trip, easy

When you get tired of running the strip and are looking for something a little less glitzy and a little bit more green, the it’s time to go and check out the University of Nevada Las Vegas – the closest university to the strip. The route is located at the southern end of the strip, starting at Harmon Avenue and heading out east. You’ll see Planet Hollywood on the corner here so you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Jog out east for a couple of kilometres along a fairly uneventful road and eventually you will run smack bang into UNLV. Run into the campus where you’ll pass fields and then gyms on your left – after this take a left, and then right along the long track. You’ll know when you’ve come to the end – and you’ll need to take another right to go down another pretty track. Once the track runs out, keep running until you hit University Road, then make a right, keep jogging until you hit Gym Road and make another right, where you’ll eventually make it back to Harmon Avenue.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, why not have a poke around the university to see what it’s like? Universities are often full of interesting little passageways and hidey holes.

Sunset Park

5km round trip, easy

Easily the prettiest park close to the city, Sunset Park is also a popular choice for runners looking for an alternative to the city streets. The park has plenty of facilities including softball fields, picnic spots, a pond, dog park, volleyball and tennis courts, plenty of jogging paths, and more. Once you’ve gone for your run around the park why not stop a while and enjoy what’s on offer. You can rent various sporting and fishing equipment, as well as bicycles from the Reservation Office, so it’s worth making a day of it if you can!

The 5km run is the run that takes in the outer of the park – this is the longest route that you can go on, for a total of 5km. There are shorter routes that take in various areas of the park, such as the 1 mile (1.6km) route around the lake. These are worth doing for either a quick run or a leisurely stroll.

Clark County Wetlands Park Wetlands Loops Trail

22.5km round trip, medium

Clark County Wetlands Park is located a 20-minute drive from the strip and proves to be a great escape from the city for those willing to make the drive out. As the name suggests, the park comprises of 210 acres of wetlands, with sprawling views out to the mountains. The park itself has a number of trails available for runners. However, if you’re after a really lengthy jog, then you can choose to do the full Wetlands Loops Trail which loops around the outside of the park. This trail is comprised of both a North Loop and a South Loop.

The North Loop of the track is paved, whereas the South Loop is not, so take care while jogging this part of it. Take a look at a map before you tackle this run, as you may be more interested in trying out one of the smaller trails, or other Valley trails which also hook up with this Wetlands Loop.

Las Vegas Athletic Clubs (LVAC)

Varies, easy

If it’s too darn hot outside to run and you’re not a fan of the treadmills in your hotel, then you’ll want to head along to an air conditioned indoor running track – which is just what they have at the chain of LVAC gyms. These gyms really do have everything, with not only tracks, but private women’s work out areas, pools, saunas, hydro pools, free weights and more – and they’re open 24 hours.

So what’s the downside, you say? Well, they’re only available for Las Vegas residents. However, if you are travelling and wanted to have a run for the day, they also let you have a 1 day trial at the gym – and you can claim it online. Hey, maybe you’re thinking of moving here?

There are 7 different LVAC locations across Las Vegas, so there is sure to be one in the area that you’re staying in and around. Have a poke around their website for some more information on their wide range of facilities, and the track in the location closest to you.

For more Las Vegas running routes, head over to the list at WalkJogRun to see user submitted suggestions about city and outer suburbs runs. You’ll find a range of routes with varying lengths and in various spots that you can try out.

Need New Pals? You Need Pal! The New App For Making Friends

Pal app logo

Did you wake up in the new year and think dammit, I have no friends except the ones who live inside my computer/phone/tablet/other screen-based thing so I should really stop being such a billy-no-mates-anti-social-hermit who spends the entire day checking how many likes I got on my latest selfie and get out of the house and talk to people in real life instead?

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How Fitness is Good for Eye Health


Everyone knows how good exercise is for you – whether it’s for energy, weight loss/control, mental health or just a general feeling of well-being spiritually and emotionally, but did you know exercise is good for your eye health too? No, me neither (especially as I only started wearing glasses after starting running but that’s probably just an age thing and not an exercise thing) but Vision Direct do and they told me:

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Storing Tips to Protect Your Running Gear

storage baskets

Even if you’re running every day, some gear rotation is a good idea. You’ll likely use different kinds of gear depending on the time of year, and may also simply fancy a change now and then. Putting gear you’re not using into storage helps preserve it for future use, and gives you the option to ring the changes without keeping unused items in closets.

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