Giveaway: Upbeat High Protein Dairy Drink

Upbeat is a new high protein, low fat dairy drink. It’s made with real fruit, has less than half the sugar of leading smoothies and fruit juices, contains no artificial colours or flavours and is available in three flavours – mango & passionfruit, strawberry, and blueberry & raspberry.

I’d like to be able to tell you what it’s like but, although I did get a couple of bottles from Tesco, I didn’t get round to drinking them before the use by date. So, instead of wasting the three vouchers I have left, I’m going to give them away (with the added bonus of it counting as one of my Be Kind For A Month things).


If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning one of the three vouchers, just leave a comment below and I’ll pick three winners after the closing date of Friday 31 October. UK entries only please (unless you want to pay for the postage but that probably wouldn’t be worth it as a) it’d cost more than the drink is worth; and b) you can probably only get Upbeat in the UK anyway).

Giveaway: Down and Dirty – The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs

As some of you will know, last year I took part in the Nuts Challenge. I absolutely loved it and spent most of the course with a grin this wide (except when I got to the nets where I probably had my default about-to-burst-into-tears expression instead).


Although in the days leading up to the challenge I did a lot of googling for tips, what I didn’t have is a book. A book like this one, perhaps.


Yeah, a nice big, thick, glossy book full of tips and photos of fit blokes (and girls) would have come in handy, that’s for sure. Plus it would have been an excuse to buy a book and I’m not one to miss an opportunity to buy more books.


Down and Dirty: The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs covers the most popular obstacle races and mud runs and has tips ranging from those for newbies choosing their first race to a guide for the more hardcore amongst us to surviving a 24-hour-plus race such as Death Race or Tough Mudder.


Everything’s covered in the book, from how to conquer the obstacles, training techniques, what to wear and nutrition. There’s even a few recipes, including one for paleo energy bars (simply shredded coconut, pitted dates, cinnamon and maple syrup – very similar, in fact, to these delicious energy balls I made a few weeks ago).

Another thing it mentions and something I’d definitely advise taking into consideration is the facilities. The Nuts Challenge had a Pimms tent, which is obviously the most important bit but although it had a changing area, it didn’t have adequate washing facilities. You’re going to get muddy at these races. Seriously muddy. Caked in mud, in fact, and unless you’re travelling home in your own car or someone else’s car who doesn’t mind a bit of mud, you’re going to have to get on the train looking like Stig of the Dump and smelling like something that’s just emerged from a swamp (which, let’s face it is what you’ve just done). I got invited to take part in an obstacle challenge later this year but I’ve had to turn it down as there aren’t any showers and I wasn’t prepared to be seen in public looking like this.


Win a copy of Down and Dirty: The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs

If you haven’t taken part in an obstacle race before, I thoroughly recommend you do – they’re amazing fun. And if you do sign up for one, well, you’re in luck as I’m giving away a copy of Down and Dirty: The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and  Mud Runs. All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know which obstacle course/mud run you’ve done or one you’re signed up to do or one you’d like to do in the future.

I’ll choose a winner at random after the closing date of Friday 9 August 2014. UK entries only please.  Good luck!

Winner of the £25 Zalando voucher announced!


Despite 99% of you lot thinking the prize was a funky pair of leggings – which wasn’t annoying at all, honestly – 27 of you decided this would be a good thing to have. Anyway, the winner of the £25 voucher to spend on ANYTHING AT ALL at Zalando is:


Lucy J (aka Black and Tabby Runs)

Well done, Lucy – I’ll be in touch!

Giveaway: Win £25 to spend at Zalando – no minimum purchase necessary


My running kit really isn’t particularly exciting, especially the tights. They might have a small flash of colour but that’s about it, really. Zalando have lots of running tights in funky patterns and colours – check out these gorgeous pink and black ones.



Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring myself to spend £65 on a pair of running tights, so I got these funky grey and black ones instead for a bargainous £20. What’s even more of a bargain is the free delivery, and I was able to pay by PayPal which meant I didn’t have to faff around finding my credit card details. 


If you’d like some running tights like these (or anything else from the Zalando site for that matter), leave a comment below and one of you will be picked at random to receive a £25 voucher to spend at the Zalando website.

Competition ends midnight, Friday 13 December 2013.

Tony Pryce Sports £25 voucher winner announced!

tony-pryce-sportsI hosted a giveaway a month ago, giving one lucky JogBlog reader the chance to win a £25 voucher to spend at Tony Pryce Sports. Unsurprisingly, this was a popular competition and I’m pleased to announce the winner – selected by a random number generator – is Adele (aka Fit Artist).


Well done, Adele – I’ll be in touch!

Win £25 to spend at Tony Pryce Sports (no minimum purchase necessary)


Tony Pryce Retail Ltd is one of the largest independent sports retailers in the South West of England and has been trading since 1978.

They sell gear for running, badminton, football, hockey, rugby, squash and general fitness for men, women and children by all the big brands including – amongst many others – Asics, Brooks, adidas, New Balance and Reebok.

Win a £25 voucher to spend at Tony Pryce Sports

If you’d like a £25 voucher to spend at the Tony Pryce website, just leave a comment below and I’ll pick a winner at random after the closing date of midnight, Saturday 23 November 2013.

There’s no minimum purchase necessary, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

It’s not a condition of entering the competition, but Tony Pryce Sports would really like it if you could like their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter.

Giveaway: What’s your excuse?


If you’ve got an excuse for not getting fit, you’ll probably find it in What’s Your Excuse … For Not Getting Fit by Joanne Henson.

The book covers excuses that could have been written just for me, such as:

‘I’m hungover’
‘I want to go to the pub instead’
‘I want to watch Eastenders’
‘My iPod needs charging and I don’t like to exercise without music’

and other excuses like:

‘It will mess up my hair’
‘I’m too fat’
‘I walk to the station and back every day, isn’t that enough?’
‘I hate the gym’
‘It’s too cold/hot’

Joanne covers all these excuses and how to change your habits and attitude. This isn’t a ‘how to get fit book’ but more of a ‘there are no excuses to not get fit’ book.


What’s Your Excuse … For Not Getting Fit is available on Amazon, but I’ve got a copy of it to give away. Just leave a comment below letting me know what your excuse is and I’ll pick a winner by random after the closing date of midnight, Friday 27 September.

FUEL breakfast winner announced!


A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a giveaway of two weeks’ worth of breakfast, supplied by FUEL.

I swear on Tesco’s alcohol aisle I used a random number generator and didn’t just shut my eyes and poke at the screen, and the lucky winner is:

Keith Jenkins (who blogs at The Thames, a runner and his dog)

Well done, Keith! I’ll be in touch.

Thanks to everyone else who entered, I loved reading what you’d like to excel at.

If you want to win more stuff and stop me looking like such a loser, I’m giving away some multi-vitamins and other supplements over at my Planet Veggie blog and no one wants them so far.

Juneathon 2013 giveaway winners announced!

I promised to give away some fantastic prizes at the end of Juneathon. The Random Number Generator has spoken, I’ve checked the blogs for eligibility and the winners are:

A year’s supply of Halo Sports Detergent
Matt Lambourne (Matt’s Juneathon)

Feet in the Clouds by Richard Askwith
Lucy Jiwa (Black and Tabby Runs)

GO>ID Personal Emergency ID Kit
Holley Knight (The Dog With The Broken Ear)
Kim Ivory (High Fiving Palm Trees)
Kath Jones (cogitjoggett)

Well done Matt, Lucy, Holley, Kim and Kath – you’re worthy winners indeed!

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