Giveaway: What’s your excuse?


If you’ve got an excuse for not getting fit, you’ll probably find it in What’s Your Excuse … For Not Getting Fit by Joanne Henson.

The book covers excuses that could have been written just for me, such as:

‘I’m hungover’
‘I want to go to the pub instead’
‘I want to watch Eastenders’
‘My iPod needs charging and I don’t like to exercise without music’

and other excuses like:

‘It will mess up my hair’
‘I’m too fat’
‘I walk to the station and back every day, isn’t that enough?’
‘I hate the gym’
‘It’s too cold/hot’

Joanne covers all these excuses and how to change your habits and attitude. This isn’t a ‘how to get fit book’ but more of a ‘there are no excuses to not get fit’ book.


What’s Your Excuse … For Not Getting Fit is available on Amazon, but I’ve got a copy of it to give away. Just leave a comment below letting me know what your excuse is and I’ll pick a winner by random after the closing date of midnight, Friday 27 September.


  • My excuse is “it’s raining out, I didn’t bring a waterproof and my hair dye will run”… that’s mainly why I’ve been put off running this week…

  • Hmmm where do I start. I have a whole page devoted to excuses on my blog.

    Recently it has been:

    18 miles is a long way and I dont want to.
    I’d rather sit on sofa and eat popcorn and pringles.
    I have no one to run with and keep me company.
    I forgot to charge my MP3 player.
    Last time when i ran and didn’t feel like it I got injured, so better stay in just to be safe.

  • My excuse is usually that “I’ll exercise for twice as long tomorrow” or “This TV show is too good, I can’t exercise and concentrate on watching at the same time” … or that I’m hungry.

  • I have many excuses stored up but the main one I use for the gym is I’m the fattest one there so no point going to just feel bad!!

  • Valerie Bloomfield

    My main excuses are: I look too fat, I don’t want people to see me like that at the gym; I am too tired I won’t be good enough; I’ll do it for twice as long tomorrow; I can’t go out like that as I need a hair wash (I know, ridiculous!); I’ll do it later… No excuse is good as when I exercise I always feel better afterwards!!!!

  • I’ve probably used every excuse in the book – but mostly I normally just can’t be bothered, what’s the point! At the moment I’m injured so that’s a major excuse, I could probably do something but it will probably hurt so I’m not going to!

  • This summer my excuse was it is too hot. Now my excuse is school has started and I am trying to get a new schedule. The excuses they are never ending.

  • What’s my excuse?
    Recently it had been “but I ran everyday for Juneathon, that was a lot of days running in a row!”

  • Excuses:
    ~ My knees are already messed up, why would I want to run?
    ~ My bike is in Hampshire and I have no bike rack for my car.
    ~ Gyms make me uncomfortable and I am poor.
    ~ I am working and doing a masters, I have no time

    And the winner:
    ~ Simply…I can’t be bothered. (Terrible, I know)

  • Hum then Ill be happy to try to win this book! My excuse not to get fit ? Well I think im fit already.

    Maybe not afterall… !

  • My excuse – the dog is too tired!

    She comes running with me, actually no, I run she hardly breaks out of a walk!

  • I’ve decided to get fit vicariously by reading running blogs. My body is a wreck but my eyes can easily maintain 8 minute miles.

  • My excuse is i can’t be bothered lol

  • My excuses? Gosh, where should I start. Its weird how us people want to be fit and healthy but continually make excuses (myself included).

  • Hi everyone, I am the author of “What’s Your Excuse….?”, and I’m pleased to say I’ve got every excuse mentioned so far covered in the book! Phew!

  • My excuse? My facebook newsfeed won’t read itself you know!

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