Yale Keyless Digital Lock – makes opening your front door fun

I left my key indoors and shut the door behind me. After cycling to the farm shop and back (loads of veg and a Hershey Bar for under a fiver – bargain), I quickly and easily got back into the house. How, when Shaun wasn’t in, the cat can’t reach that high and I didn’t leave any windows or doors open?

It’s because I’ve got one of these.


This is the Yale Keyless Digital Lock which is great for runners, as you don’t have to take your front door key out with you. What I like most about it though is that it makes opening your front door fun. When was the last time you opened your front door and thought ‘oh, that was fun, I must do it again’? I never used to be arsed which of us opened the front door but now – although I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon – I’m yelling ‘LET ME DO IT’ when we come back from somewhere.

There’ll be no more scrambling drunkenly in my bag for my key after a night out. And, if I’m so drunk that I can’t remember the PIN, I can have it texted to me (although, let’s be honest here – I’m far more likely to bang on the door and get Shaun out of bed to let me in).

It also lets you set up a temporary PIN for visitors and both PINs can be changed at any time and if you’re worried about people seeing you key your number, you can use any other two digits before and after your PIN to trick them.

I’ll let Shaun blog about installing it but it doesn’t require you to be an electrician, you just drill a hole in your door and fit it. The lock runs off four AA batteries that will last for 10,000 door openings (it gives you three months’ warning that they’re going to run out).

The Yale Keyless Digital Lock starts from £119.99 (including VAT) and is available from your local DIY or hardware store. Call 01902 364647 for stockists or visit www.yaledigital.co.uk to buy online.