Janathon Day 17 – cow onesie plank saves the day

You know when you wake up and you feel ‘meh, can’t be bothered to do anything’? That was me yesterday. I was going out for afternoon tea with Helen and Mary, so I didn’t have time in the morning to do much, so my plan for Janathon was to go to the Post Office about a quarter of a mile away, then walk back the long way – the long way adding an extra mile and a half to the route. But, it was raining and I was feeling meh and I really couldn’t be bothered to even walk the quarter of a mile to the Post Office, let alone another mile and a half on top of that.

So I thought, I can’t really count the cycle to the station and back, so I’ll go on the rowing machine when I get back. Then, when I was round Helen’s flat after the afternoon tea (which involved eating scones the Cornish way – sorry Devonshire people),


she gave me the birthday present she’d been hanging on to until she saw me. She said ‘you must do a plank in it’ and so, aha!, I thought, that’s Janathon sorted.


I still want more pajama/onesie planks, so get your photos posted!