Walking in the sunshine

I don’t think I’m cut out for running in the morning, it seems so much easier in the evening after work.  Or maybe I prefer running round the streets in the pollution and dodging pikeys than running in the fields and looking out for wildlife?

Adopted my own schedule today which consisted of a lot of walking.  I’d decided to go back to the 12/1 x 3 schedule and did the first lot of 12 minutes just about but ran/walked the rest but made a bit of an effort on the last stretch and ran home.

I’m not sure what it says about me (or more likely where I  live) but a couple on bicycles got off their bikes and started looking at something on the ground.  I thought it must be a dead body but it was some yellow flowers.  Daisies perhaps?

Miles: 3.2 miles
Time: 41:44
Average pace: 13:02 minute/mile
Average speed: 4.6mph
Max speed: 6.8mph
Calories burnt: 299
Music: Muse, Scissor Sisters
Magpies: 4
Dead bodies: 0
Pretty yellow flowers that might have been daisies: lots


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