Strokes in the snow

Woman with child cancelled due to woman with child sickness type thing so I decided to go for a run today after work. The weather decided to bring snow on the way home but I was undeterred and went out in the roaring blizzard (do blizzards roar? Well, whatever it is that they do then) – woo, impressive, huh? I was going to put my hood up and look like everyone else in the road but it kept falling down – how do hoodie type people keep their hoodies up?

I almost didn’t make it up the top of the road as I ran into a car that was coming round the corner. It looked suspiciously like my ex-boyfriend’s car so it could have been him trying to kill me. Not that he’s the type to go round killing people but I suppose it could be his new year’s resolution or something to see how many ex-girlfriends he can remove from the planet.

Anyway, that’s enough running for this week, I’ve done my three outings this week of seven lots of 2 minutes running / 1 minute walking. Now I can go and get hammered for the weekend (not tonight though, hastily walked past the off licence with my eyes shut so as not to be tempted. Might have to throw away the pizza menus too, aarrgghh).

Next week I scale the dizzy heights of running for 3 minutes then walking for 1 minute six times (I think). Getting v. bored of Markhouse Road though. Bring on the lighter evenings so I can go and see some green stuff and cows and bunnies. I like cows and bunnies.

Ooh, and today I have been not smoking longer than last time I stopped smoking so yay for me! 3 weeks and 3 days, woo hoo! Haven’t been around any smokers though but tomorrow I’m going to be out on the piss with Mark and he smokes loads and roll-ups too, yikes! Ah well, I’ll breeze through it, no problem.

Miles: 2.06
Calories burned: 181
Music: The Strokes


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