Juneathon 2014 – Day 5 – Putting The Kettle On

I had a great day yesterday. I spent the afternoon in Rye helping out at a book launch, where I was on meet and greet duties, plying the attendees with wine and Pimms, while safely sticking to soft drinks myself. I would mention how much the Lady Mayoress drank in the hour in which she was there but I’d better not in case that would be grounds for locking me up in Ypres Tower for eternity or something.

After the launch, I got the train to Canterbury to see Pygmalion at the Marlowe Theatre. The show was absolutely fantastic and this review in The Telegraph of a recent performance in Bath just about sums it up.

Uncharacteristically for me, I arrived home sober at a reasonable hour and sat down in front of the telly to have a sandwich (I hadn’t eaten all day), a glass of wine and a not too late night. Uh oh. Quadrophenia had just started and my sandwich turned into a sandwich, two packets of crisps and a bar of chocolate; the glass of wine turned into most of the bottle and the not too late a night turned into me going to bed around 1.30am. Oops.

Still, I didn’t feel too bad when I woke up but couldn’t really be arsed to go for a run and I feel too wobbly on my bike the day after drinking so that was out. But… you know… because it’s Juneathon that meant slacking was not an option so I decided to do some kettlebells with my 10 Minute Solution Kettlebell Ultimate Fat Burner DVD I reviewed a while back.

Although it’s slightly misleading calling it a kettlebell workout as it mostly uses dumbbells or hand weights, not kettlebells, it’s a good workout. It contains 5 x 10 minute workouts so you can either do all of them, or just choose the ones you fancy doing at the time. Today I fancied doing the maximum fat burner and the total body sculpt and now I haven’t an inch of fat and I am as sculpted as the Venus de Milo, except I still have my arms which is handy as doing kettlebells would be a tad tricky without them.

2014-06-05 12.32.57

Juneathon Day 4 – A Bit Of Body Pump

I SWEAR I didn’t slack off on Day 3 – I went for a three mile run, which turned into a six mile walk and when I blogged about it, it turned into a 750 word (so far) essay on wearing glasses. Because it turned into a 750 word (so far) essay, I didn’t have time to finish it before making dinner, then after I’d watched Eastenders, I went back into the conservatory to finish it on the laptop but Shaun said he was going to do his exercising in the conservatory and I’d turned off my main PC upstairs and so I couldn’t finish it. ‘Aha!’ you’re thinking – it’s a laptop – you could take it into a different room (which is also what Shaun said) but if you’ve seen how I’ve got my laptop set up, you’ll see it’s not exactly ready to be picked up and taken elsewhere. It’s on a stand thingy so it’s at an angle and not lying flat and I’ve also got a keyboard and a mouse plugged into it, and the cables for that are woven through the stand thingy, so I’ve kind of unlaptopped it really.

Anyway, that’s just to let you know that I did jog, log and blog yesterday; there’s just not much evidence of it at the mo.

Because I’m off to help out at a book launch this afternoon, then out to the theatre this evening (ooh, get me Miss Culture Vulture), I didn’t have time to do much this morning so I did a bit of body pump. A bit as in everything except the laying down bits, the abs bit and the stretching bit. Yes, that does leave other bits you cheeky gits.

2014-06-04 10.01.54