Juneathon FAQ

What is it?

It’s a month of exercise. Running, cycling, walking, rowing, weights, whatever. Just do something every day in June.

Then what?

Then blog about it on your blog, on Twitter, or on the Facebook page.


Because you’re a fat lardy bloater and you need some exercise. Because it’s fun.

Who’s idea was this in the first place?

Joggerblogger is the man to blame.

How long has it been going?

This will be the fourth year.

Who else is doing it?

So far, the roll call is as follows:

Phil – http://www.sorelimbs.co.uk/
Andy – http://andystriblog.blogspot.com/
Travelling Hopefully – http://www.travellinghopefully.wordpress.com/
Ash – http://run-bootsy-run.blogspot.com/
Caspar – http://www.uneducatedguess.org/ @caspararemi
Sheri – http://runningawayfromthegrownups.blogspot.com/ @sheri3004
Tom Roper – http://www.roper.org.uk/marathon2005/
Iliketocount – http://iliketocount.wordpress.com
Adele – http://fitartist.wordpress.com @adeleprince
Jo – http://irunbecauseilovefood.wordpress.com
Run DMT – http://deniseisrundmt.com @denisermt
Gene – http://www.genesoboleski.blogspot.com @boutdrz
Hauling my Carcass – http://www.haulingmycarcass.com @haulingmycarcas
Eating Trees – http://eatingtrees.wordpress.com/
Sam – http://www.runningandthinking.blogspot.com
Adele – http://fitartist.wordpress.com/
Shunning Running – http://shunningrunning.wordpress.com/
Breandán – http://www.aroundtheyearin24pints.blogspot.com/
Emma – http://emmavinyard.blogspot.com/
Pete – http://peteschallenge.wordpress.com/
Trying to Run – http://www.tryingtorun.co.uk/
The Red Bucket – http://www.theredbucket.co.uk/jogblog/
Ev – http://seasidestrider.blogspot.com/
Joggerblogger – http://joggerblogger.wordpress.com/
Highway Kind – http://runningmatters.blogspot.com/
Jay McNeill – http://bigmanruns.wordpress.com/
Carl & Claire – http://carlsjogblog.wordpress.com/

How do I join in?

Post a comment here and say ‘I’m in’ or something.

How do I win?

Juneathon was originally meant to be a month of running, so if you’re the only person to run and blog every day, then you’ll be the winner. If there’s more than one person who runs and blogs every day, then one of those will be the winner. If no one runs and blogs every day, then someone else will win. Yes, I just made that up.

What do I win?

Last year Eating Trees won a little monkey. This year I haven’t a f**king clue it’s a surprise.

Where’s the new logo?

Coming soon. Be patient.


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