Spare some change please

I didn’t accidentally cheat tonight and did all 3 lots of 12 minutes running with a minute walking in between. Woo! Looks like I’m on course to finish the 3.5 mile run without stopping unless I get worse in the next three months which probably isn’t really very likely unless I timewarp back three months and start smoking again and deciding that I haven’t got time to run between cigarettes. I don’t want to start evangelicising (not sure if that’s a word?) about stopping smoking as I’m only one puff away from being a smoker again. Although I’m doing better than the girl I met last night who was only one nicotine patch falling off her arm away from being a smoker again. Oh and because I am now a finely tuned athlete and my body is now a temple, I only had two drinks, woo! (ok, I had a glass of wine when I got in)

I nearly went home after the battery in my iPod went, aarrgghh! And I’d specially charged it a bit when I got home this evening, must have not been enough. I felt very exposed without music, like everyone could see me. Because obviously my iPod has magical powers which means when the battery is charged and I’m listening to music, I’m invisible. It also meant I could hear what I sound like running and it’s better than I thought. I thought I was really heavy on my feet and people could hear me a mile away but I’m a lot lighter than I thought, and the huffing and puffing I thought I did wasn’t as bad. I found out I sniff a lot though, but it was v. cold tonight, my hands were freezing. I’ve ditched the gloves as I was getting too hot.

I forgot again about the traffic lights not working at the junction. Are they ever going to put the red/green man thing back on? How am I supposed to cross the road when there’s traffic coming from three directions, without the green man thing? I have to wait for other people to cross and then follow them, sometimes I’m there for ages waiting for someone brave enough to cross so I can follow them.

A young man came up to me and asked me for 50p tonight. Um, yes, because I always carry loads of money round with me when I’m out running, obviously! If any beggars are reading this (not that I’ve seen many beggars with laptops but I suppose they may spend their begging money in internet cafes), joggers are usually out jogging and not out shopping and probably don’t have any money on them. You’d be better off hanging around outside pubs and catching people who have been drinking and have loads of change on them. I always have loads of change when I get home from being in the pub.

Then there was the strange Irish man carrying a baby who said good morning to me. I’m not sure why he said good morning at seven o’clock in the evening, maybe he had been drinking in preparation for tomorrow night (St Patrick’s Day). Tomorrow night is St Patrick’s Day, that somehow doesn’t sound right. I thought I was meeting the girls in O’Neills tomorrow night but now I’ve been told we’re meeting in a restaurant. A pizza restaurant, aarrgghh. I’m going for lunch tomorrow in a pizza restaurant so now twice tomorrow I have to try and resist pizza and eat pasta instead to keep up my finely tuned temple-like athletic body. Heh heh.

Miles: 3.30
Time: 38:01
Average pace: 11:31 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.2mph
Max speed: 6.4mph
Calories burnt: 265
Music: Franz Ferdinand (until battery ran out, then I was listening to the traffic)
Beggars: 1
Strange men: 1
iPods with enough battery life: 0


  • Well done and Keep it going, in a couple of runs time “it” will kick in an you will be able to keep going until you’re bored 😛

    You also need a new category on the Stats list – strange women, I meet a freak this lunchtime :-X

  • I’ll look forward to that then, at the moment I keep looking at my watch and thinking is it time to stop yet!

    If I meet any strange women, I’ll add it, tell me more about the freak 🙂

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