A lady of leisure

I’ve got the week off work, yah!

I was going to do the four mile route but the sun came out and I decided to further explore the marshes and decided that I was glad I was over there and not at work. This is a better view than I get from my office overlooking High Holborn.

I don’t see any boats in Holborn, either.

I only discovered the marshes when I started running. I knew they were there as I could see them from the train but I didn’t know exactly where they were. I knew there was a park at the bottom of my road but I hadn’t been in there either ’til I started running.

My little detour in the marshes only took me back to where the cows used to live so I left the marshes and explored outside and found a little park then continued my journey by road forgetting that I was going to have to go past B&Q. Boo hiss. Here it is, it’s the one in Lea Bridge Road, if you go past it, throw bricks at it please.

Then just as I’m getting nearer to where I live, I turn round the corner and there’s another big yellow sign. I don’t like it when I see the big yellow signs. I think that’s about six now in six months. Grr.

I gave up getting in dodgy taxis. One of my better decisions I think.

And with the marshes being quite marshy today, my new shoes are now muddy. Hurrah.

Now I’m going back to being a lady of leisure although I have a to do list, which I actually did four things from yesterday. Woo, go me. My to do list usually gets ignored but yesterday I did get a quote for my kitchen floor that B&Q ripped and they’re (not B&Q, those bastards are coming nowhere near my house ever ever again) coming to fit my new floor tomorrow. The man said it’ll cost £70 including fitting. I said that’s really cheap. He said that’s because we buy so much flooring. I said does that include moving the fridge and taking up the existing floor? He said no, that’s another £40. I said you’d better put that down then. It’s still cheaper than the floor I had down originally. Tracey’s friend Maureen paid £1,000 for her kitchen floor. Next time she wants a new floor, I’ll give her the number of these guys.

Also from my to do list I bought a new bathroom blind and a new bin for the bathroom. On my to do list is to clean the house, so when I’ve cleaned my new bathroom, I’ll post a pic of it in all its completedness glory. Although, if I had the money, I’d pay for someone to come round, rip it out, and do it all over again and get rid of any trace of B&Q.

I also defrosted the freezer and bought some new clothes. Ok, the new clothes weren’t on the list but if a shop’s going to sell a stripy purple t-shirt, then I’ve got to buy it haven’t I?

Today I’m going to sweep outside. Why do all the leaves collect in the front of my house and no one elses? Or do people sweep their front gardens every day? Surely not. And I’m going to attempt to get rid of all the cobwebs and stuff from around the front door. No one else seems to have them either. Why have I got the dirtiest house in the street?

And at some point this week I want to run 7 miles because that’s how far my work is and now I have my new running rucksack, I want to run home one day next week. Although according to the AA routeplanner, it’s 7.4 miles but I’ll worry about the .4 later. Or get the bus.

Today’s route:

Miles: 5.66
Total time: 1:04:49
Average pace: 11:26 minute/mile
Total calories: 527
Big yellow signs: 1
Things done from to do list (out of 13): 5
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
The Police – The Bed’s Too Big Without You
Cristina – Is That All There Is?
Abba – Summer Night City
Babyshambles – Loyalty Song
Manic Street Preachers – Born To End
Adam and The Ants – 21 B-Side Baby
Peter Bjorn and John – Objects Of My Affection
Ludes – Dead Man’s Music
The Kooks – Match Box
P J Harvey – Rub It ‘Til It Bleeds
The Young Knives – She’s Attracted To
Courtney Love – I’ll Do Anything
Cardiacs – Is This The Life
Soft Cell – Insecure Me


  • Can we look forward to loads more midweek postings as you’re a lazy bum this week?

    I’ve been trying to follow your route on the map and seems you’ve tagged a couple of little squares on to the major route. Do you like squares or were you heading for a specific distance?

    Poor shoes! What a state.

  • Well done 🙂 on the run and a week off work! We had one of our offices on High Holborn, but we moved at X-mas to Paddington 😕 I wished I’d known ’cause then I could have gone to lunch with you, instead of milling around leather lane market on my own.

    Have a great week off work 😛 The trainers are looking better know 😉

  • I like square crisps but the reason there are two little squares on my route is because after I came out of the marshes there was a little park, so I went round there, and when I got back to my road, I decided to do a lap of the park there too.

    Shame you just moved offices and you were even in my road! I’ve been to Leather Lane market once, did you find anything to buy there? I only go down there for the vegan Chinese all you can eat for a fiver 🙂

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